Simple answers to FAQ

What would you recommend if I use Facebook?
1. Depending on your use of your Facebook account, buy at least 500Mb of traffic per port/account.

For Facebook, use a rotate-by-HTTP-link mode. Create a separate port for each account. It is imperative that you select city-level targeting in the settings!

It is advisable that you choose the city, which you have specified (in the respective field in your account) as your home city.

2. Before you advertise, warm up your account: make a friend list, subscribe to communities, click like buttons, repost, exchange messages, etc. Be sure that your language, activity, subscribers, etc. maximally cater to the proxy’s geographic location.

3. Launching it:

If you are planning long-term advertising, it is advisable to hire a group of admins to run your fan page in case you get banned. Leak your traffic gradually; you’ll be better off using a physical card. However, it is an advertisement issue, not a proxy issue. Even if you realize that your ad cabinet is banned, not the account itself (for your failure to provide a selfie, etc.), your account and proxy are ok.