Simple answers to FAQ

I came across your competitor’s website offering residential proxies at lower prices than yours. What’s wrong?

1. Please, always be sure you are not being tricked into using datacenter proxies instead of residential ones. You can check it out on > extended version -> ip -> type, there should be the word “residential.”

2. Every time you check such services, be sure you are not being tricked into buying a proxy that is actually an open one, which happens quite so often. Check out in the privacy checkup section. Make sure there are no open ports.

3. Always check IP’s rankings using, for example, Some IPs are overloaded or spammed.

4. We have very few true competitors. We offer high quality proxies that outperform Luminati, Geosurf, Microleaves, etc., at a five times lower price, let alone user friendliness and easy registration.