We are Astro

Astro is an ethical proxy ecosystem with IPs gathered with users’ consent and in a KYC-compliant way. In our person customers and clients find a responsible partner who meets their web data scraping needs, and promises a fair, safe, and qualified approach.

Like any ethical proxy infrastructure, we build our aim, priorities and mission around trust. We provide our customers with a platform and service which they can use securely, reliably, and in a totally transparent fashion. For that reason, we carefully vet all companies and individuals that are planning to work with us, with regular manual checks and automated AI audits.

Whether you are a customer willing to buy residential, mobile or datacenter proxies, or a partner sharing IP addresses for reward, Astro answers your professional requirements as a law-abiding entity with KYC and AML practices in place.

Enterprise Data Gathering Infrastructure

We Guarantee

  • 100% suits marketing tasks
  • 99.9% network uptime
  • 100% software compatible
  • 100% safe for web scraping
  • 2M+ ethical proxies
  • 100+ countries worldwide

Our Standards

A contemporary representative of the proxy and web scraping market, Astro guarantees each customer and partner up-to-date standards of ethics throughout all business interactions.

The clients who are about to use our proxies go through a verification procedure, without exception. We make sure that all accounts within our platform comply with ethical principles. Every use case is reviewed individually, which is what a stern ethical code implies.

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    All proxies are dynamic (rotating)

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    Change external IP by timer, connection, or request

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    Choose IP by country, city, ISP

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    Flexible settings in one window


Our Approach

As an advanced platform, Astro adheres to an innovation-driven approach which means broad integration of AI and ML. AI-based solutions find their way into our software, products, and processes.

Over the years, technology has made data collection simple. Now is the time for AI and ML to make things even easier. Artificial Intelligence sorts, analyzes, and evaluates information while Machine Learning enables AI to continuously perfect its decisions. Data analysis excels when the data is enriched by adding business-relevant information to it.

The most interesting discoveries happen where AI meets data collection. Here’s where the automation helps: it takes care of IP gathering, network security checking, data scraping maintenance, and other repetitive operations. AI and ML solutions help to automate complicated data gathering procedures for companies so we are always looking for new ways to simplify large-scale business tasks.

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    Lowest chance of IP restrictions

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    Reasonable pricing

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    Expert live support

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    Free proxy test