Mobile proxies

Mobile proxies

Mobile proxies are IP addresses assigned to mobile phones and mobile IT users, who actually provide IT connection to PC, laptop, etc. users.

It is no secret that mobile Internet is increasingly popular, and its popularity is fueled by the growing 4G and 5G networks. As long as everyone today has a smartphone, it is increasingly difficult to provide IPv4 addresses. Most of them are shared between ISPs, and what’s left for mobile cellphone operators is but a tiny swath of IPv4 space.

To provide Internet for customers, mobile operators use NAT, gNAT/NAT-T technologies enabling them to provide Internet for millions of users with just a limited pool of IPs at hand.

In other words, a particular IPv4 address is shared by thousands of users. Mobile proxies have turned the issue into an advantage. This type of IPs enjoys the highest level of trust by websites, portals, social media, etc.

It means that sites like Facebook or Google Ads Manager will see the same IP addresses from different users. Today, every service can easily distinguish between types of IP. Datacenter IPs tend to top ban lists, and websites block them together with users’ accounts. However, if they block a residential or mobile IP, they will lose a whole part of their audience. Therefore, mobile IPs are quite suitable for those who use bots, run multiple accounts, scrape data from websites, etc.

Users’ mobile IPs are dynamically rotated during a day. Contrary to an erroneous belief, they are not dependent on cell towers or users’ location. They depend on the quality of connection and occurrence of breaks. In case of a lengthy break, your phone may connect to another IP from the provider’s pool.

Today, anti-fraud, anti-bot and anti-multiple-account systems can easily spot providers and pinpoint IP location (a city) as they rely on databases like MaxMind. However, another advantage is that databases’ geolocation capabilities are limited to a city. So, you can use a pool of a single cell phone operator within a city without fearing a ban.

If you order a port at AstroProxy, you can select between parameters, traffic options and IPs with country-, city-, or provider-specific proxies. These options will guarantee your accounts’ security and maximum trust on the part of any online service.

Unlike other services, AstroProxy does not use modem frames or other equipment, which often fails and may disrupt the entire operation process. We have our own corporate pool of users, who provide IP addresses, and use servers that rely on advanced algorithms, form a proxy network and provide reliable connection for our customers.

However, mobile proxies are the most effective and most expensive type, as is mobile data traffic.

AstroProxy’s mobile IPs are ideal for running multiple accounts, parsing, advertising and other goals, thanks to their unique characteristics described above.

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