Use Cases

  • Market Study

    Companies around the globe search for fast-working and reliable ways to fill untried niches in their home country or enter new markets internationally. To do that, they have to track, collect, and analyze relevant data related to target audience, potential clients, competitors, and public opinion. With our trusted ecosystem, businesses can conduct outstanding market study via geo targeted proxies, a tool helping with ethical data gathering from public websites and locations worldwide.

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    Market Study
  • Social Networks

    Digital marketers, internet agencies and SEO experts are all interested in becoming big in social networks. Astro comes in with a powerful tool to perform successful media campaigns, follow trends, and foresee customers’ behavior online. Whether you are an SMM specialist, a web developer or an optimizing team, we have a modern AI/ML-based solution to help you stay on top of trends. Our geo targeted proxies fit for collecting data from socials, threads, hashtags, search keywords, and comments.

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    Social Networks
  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is a key to improving a website or webpage’s visibility in SERP. To boost your ranking, make use of Astro’s residential, mobile and the best datacenter proxies. They are an AI/ML-based solution for fast data collection from more than 100 countries. With our ethically sourced IPs, you can take your SEO game to the next level: track real-time search results, avoid captchas and restrictions, obtain backlink insights, and begin acting on them right away.

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  • Brand Protection

    To make sure their website is doing fine, businesses stay alert on its performance and user behavior. By checking for copyright infringement, they also monitor their brand’s safety to see if any product, service or company’s name was misused. False reviews or counterfeiting can cost them reputation and profitability. Geo targeted proxies for data scraping are a key to elevate your brand and improve your customer’s experience as you can keep track of the Web at a large scale.

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    Brand Protection
  • Finance

    Data extraction in finance is necessary for accurate market analysis and stock trading. Open web data scraping helps institutional investors, banks, and asset managers to learn about a company’s financial health. With a manually gathered pool of residential, mobile and datacenter IPs, you not only can better evaluate, validate and control investment decisions, but also set up your own database of possible investment sources, to create KPIs and systems for your potential investments. Having enough data on hand, you can make the right investment decisions with zero risk in trading, and succeed in any investment activities.

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  • E-commerce

    With the right E-commerce strategy, companies stay updated on the market competition, perform top-quality product search, track the visibility of goods and service on websites, understand their customer’s preferences and behavior, etc. In order to do that, they have to collect big volumes of data from online stores, marketplaces, and other retail platforms. As a trusted proxy website, Astro offers the best residential, mobile, and datacenter IPs. They ensure that you can collect as much pricing and stock information as needed for your E-commerce business needs.

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  • Property

    Data scraping with residential, mobile and the best datacenter proxies helps companies build the correct property market strategy. With enough data-driven information from across real estate platforms, it is easy to monitor how prices change, compare them on competitor websites, and comprise a fuller database of real estate. Also, you can check a property’s inside (buildings, facilities, territory) and outside (condition, size, floor, parking, conveniences) map to choose the best housing option. A trusted proxy website, Astro has geo targeted IPs to help you with location-specific data gathering. Our AI/ML-solutions are handy when you need to gather and analyze property market data in real-time and depending on geolocation.

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  • Tourism

    Travel fare, ticket pricing, hotel costs, accommodation rates — all this real-time data is necessary for companies to keep pace with the changing tourism sphere. They have to collect much information about a present-day market state, close competitor promos and discounts. Our ethical network of whitelisted IPs will help you obtain location-specific data on products and pricing. Knowing how customers search and plan travel, you will be ahead of time, and predict the tourism of tomorrow. Because the travel industry is all about geography, fast data scraping with our geo targeted proxies will help you gather information from any country or city of the world.

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