3 reasons why you will want to use residential proxies

07 February 2022

On Astro, you can buy the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies. As a trusted website, we offer the IPs for your everyday and business tasks. You can always try them for free and buy a pool of IP addresses later on.

The most popular are residential proxies. These are the IP addresses of home ISP users. IP addresses of residential providers are issued simultaneously to thousands of users. Providers use the NAT technology (network address translation) in their networks, thus distributing addresses to all users. This property, when the number of users is bigger than the number of addresses, enables hiding a bot or automated actions behind many real users. In this way, a user can protect themselves from banning.

Why buy residential IPs

Here are some of the main reasons why you will want to buy residential IPs and how you can benefit from using them:

1) Minimum chance of being blocked

It is known that today many website owners and publishers block access to their platforms to IP addresses of datacenters. As soon as the system detects traffic with this IP, the user gets blocked. When you buy residential IPs, you get a solution to this issue. Such IP addresses give you security and privacy together with availability of a home Internet connection.

2) Fast and effective web surfing

Our trusted proxy website with a high quality proxy network provides the best IP addresses in the market.

3) Access to content around the world

Thanks to residential proxies, our users get access to information on the Internet without reference to geolocation. As we know, many resources from Europe block access to USA people. So proxies help to unblock the desired content with geo-filtering. All the data that fell out of your access due to geographical restrictions, becomes available for viewing and downloading.

And plus, when you buy our residential IPs, you are able to pick the best travel offers. This means that you will get access to all sites from different locations. Why is it good? Because you will now know where they offer the best ticket deals and hot sales on tour packages. This is very handy when planning vacations.

In fact, our three reasons are only the beginning. There are hundreds of options for using the best trusted residential, mobile and datacenter proxies from our website. They don’t cost much and besides, you can always try them for free. We will talk about other IP addresses use cases in the next Astro blogs!

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