3 tips how to use residential proxies to boost your business

18 March 2022

On Astro you can buy residential and mobile proxies, as well as the best datacenter IPs, including geo targeted, dynamic, anonymous, transparent, etc. As a trusted proxy website, we offer quality whitelisted IPs for personal and business needs. Plus, you can always try a pool of IPs for free! 

The Internet is a realm of possibilities. It offers opportunities to anyone who wants to scale their business. When a business owner plans to grow, they expand their company both offline and online. Truth is, today it is not that easy to hop to the top of the Internet, because hundreds of competitors are getting there as well. They all compete in order to outdo one another. In our previous posts, we have already mentioned how companies turn to marketing agencies and SEO specialists to help them outgrow the opponents.

All in all, business people could run into limitations from time to time that inhibit growth potential. One helpful resource that they should explore is proxies. To buy residential, mobile or the best datacenter proxies means to get a functional and beneficial marketing tool. It helps to build the right online marketing strategy and overcome competitors in the end.

Residential proxies for businesses

In a nutshell, to buy residential IP means to utilize a carefully selected and whitelisted homeowner’s IP address. Leased out by Internet service providers, it can be utilized manifold: for scraping the Web for deals, collecting information, parsing any form of data. For websites with geographical limitations it is smart to buy geo targeted proxies. Residential IPs from a trusted website are the best for hiding your identity behind a real user’s IP address. A person behind a residential IP gets recognized as a real user and not a spam bot. They can successfully avoid geo-tagging blocks and harvest any info on websites.

Here are our 3 recommendations on how you can boost your business with the help of AstroProxies:

1. Improve security

When businesses buy residential proxies on a trusted website, they can collect the info they need on any platforms. Datacenter, shared or public proxies are far from the best for this task. Shared free datacenter proxies offered by third-party companies barely mask you and are often blacklisted. Buying a residential IP promises security, reliability and a high level of anonymity online. 

2. Save money on deals

Many companies worldwide create geo-tagged deals and specials available only to select locations. Clothes, products and equipment companies are known to vary their price tags depending on buyers’ location. Is it fair that for a person in Europe the tag is higher than for a US citizen? Anyway, thanks to residential proxies, said European can easily buy the goods for the price set for the US.

When using a private geo targeted residential proxies, both individuals and organizations can save nice money.

3. Access marketing data and statistics

The third tip on how businesses can boost their enterprise with the help of residential proxies is gathering marketing data and statistics. You cannot do without the true analytics while running a business, so you need to find a tool to scrape this data. All professional marketers buy and utilize residential and mobile proxies to scrape data. They collect it from resources like Ebay, Amazon or other e-commerce platforms that can give them better insights into competitors’ products or user activity. 

A few countries have blocked access to social media like Facebook, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit and Tumblr. Say, from Indonesia, you cannot access Vimeo, Tumblr, and Reddit; in China, you cannot visit Facebook. Businesses do need the information for their professional needs, and cannot do without proxies. Marketers buy residential IPs and avoid getting banned or flagged, given that residential proxies use legitimate IP addresses.

Both small companies and huge globally-known whales can benefit greatly from using residential IPs. The main rule is simple — you only get clean IPs from a trusted proxy website. This is the number one law for any business to remember. Being such a trustworthy service, Astro operates a legal network of strictly whitelisted IP addresses from around the world. Pick by geo, gigabytes or price; we offer good plans to choose from!


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