5 reasons why your business needs a trusted proxy provider

25 February 2022

Astro is a trusted proxy website and a service where anyone can buy the best residential, mobile and datacenter IPs or try them for free. We offer geo targeted proxies as well as static, rotating, individual, anonymous, public, shared, transparent, etc. Here is our take-on why businesses cannot do without a trustworthy proxy provider and how they can benefit from it.

The best datacenter proxies, as well as mobile and residential, have a lot to offer. To businesses, they are much more than just anonymous browsing. Any business, both online and offline, aims at improving its website and advertising campaigns, performing effective market analysis, and collecting actual information to remain competitive. But with proxies you can do a lot more than hide your real IP address when web surfing. For business owners, marketing agents and SEO specialists a trusted proxy website can offer tons of opportunities.

Here’s how Astro can help you in achieving your goals

1. Anonymity

When it comes to research, buying residential IPs is what you need. This type of proxies allows you to hide your real IP address, so you can access target information from any location and bypass geo restrictions. Even if a site puts geo restrictions on incoming traffic or prevents certain people from accessing its content, you can easily get the data to proceed with your research.

Our residential proxies help companies mask their real IPs under whitelisted IP addresses owned by genuine homeowners. These addresses are assigned to real devices which look normal to website owners. This means that you stay undercover and do your business tasks harvesting the needed data.

2. Create and run many social media networks

Just imagine: you are a marketer or an agent who has many business clients. They all want you to manage their social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. With 2–3 clients, you’re OK. Now what if you have dozens of them? It is barely possible physically to maintain so many blogs!

In this scenario, proxies are a way out. They can help social media marketers save time and effort when promoting brands or services. It’s only smart to buy residential and mobile proxies. With them, SMM is made easy. Marketers can create hundreds of accounts, manage them and not risk getting banned. Another plus of proxies is how they help gather behavioral data. You collect it and see where to improve your SMM strategy.

3. Protect your business

The bigger the company, the oftener competitors attack it. In offline and online, opponents don’t want to have anybody standing in their way. So it’s a good practice to have a high level of cybersecurity. With a little investment in the best datacenter or residential proxies you can ensure enough security for your business. Proxies are useful in eliminating the risk of phishing, fraud, and malware attacks.

4. Full reliability

Automatic IP rotation could be of help when collecting data. Because most sites today are equipped with advanced anti-scraping systems, you might need to buy residential IPs to stay unnoticed while scraping. AstroProxies will keep you whitelisted due to a large pool of rotating IPs. They ensure that you’ll be working with a live proxy and your requests will always be routed correctly whenever a proxy goes dark.

5. A good speed

When you are using proxies for data scraping, it often seems like they’re affecting your connection speed. Here’s the catch. With free proxies found on the Internet it is valid; with paid quality proxy lists you enjoy faster speed and save your bandwidth. They cache specific files and webpages, compress traffic, thus improving your connection speed and saving bandwidth on the network. Therefore, you can access any website easier and faster.

Buy proxies on a trusted website

As a serious business you want the best experience for your company, don’t you? Just the same with choosing business partners and clients, you want to pick a trustworthy and responsible proxy provider. So check out wisely, comparing what users say about different sites.

Astro can offer you a great deal of features and profits that you could use to remain competitive online. Our trusted proxy website has affordable prices so you can get proxies to fulfill your business tasks with utmost productivity and anonymity. To each of our users we ensure maximum reliability, stability and professional support to solve any tech or customer questions!


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