Overview of AdsPower: The Best Antidetect Browser

24 January 2024


AdsPower is a game changer in the antidetect industry, serving over 800 thousand users worldwide. With cutting-edge technology to enhance confidentiality, AdsPower is devoted to changing the way websites perceive online identities and guarding privacy. You may be wondering why, out of all the antidetect browsers on the market, AdsPower is the best option for you. Let's start from scratch to explain what AdsPower is and why it stands out from the competition.

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What is an antidetect browser?

Anyone who manages multiple accounts on a single or multiple platforms may have encountered account bans at some point. While there are numerous reasons for suspensions, the most common is that you have more than one account, which is against the rules of most platforms. But how do they find out?

The answer is through browser fingerprints. Browser fingerprints are data collected about the software and hardware of your device, such as the IP address, font, resolution, WebRTC, Canvas, and so on. Browser fingerprints, like real fingerprints, indicate an online identity. Multiple accounts running on the same device and IP address are perceived as being run by the same user, thus resulting in account bans.

Antidetect browser is a solution designed to address this problem. You can open a number of browser profiles in an antidetect browser and customize the fingerprints of each one. When you run your accounts in separate profiles, you are actually concealing your real fingerprints, or say, real identity. In this way, your accounts will be perceived as being operated by distinct identities, avoiding suspensions.

For what do I need an antidetect browser?

In general, where there are needs for multiple accounts, there will be antidetect browsers. Here we list some of our most popular use cases to help you understand how antidetect browsers are used in practice.

Traffic arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is the process of purchasing and reselling traffic. It's an industry full of unpredictability in terms of traffic quality and conversion rate, so the clever strategy is to run multiple accounts. Multi-accounting is essential to success for anyone working in this competitive industry.

Affiliate marketing

Deployment of multiple accounts is already no secret in affiliate marketing. Having many accounts increases your exposure, which opens up more opportunities. It's preferable to categorize products for better product promotion and advertise each one through distinct but related accounts without using the same traffic. 


No matter if you are investing in IDO lotteries or looking to boost your coin, multi-accounting is a smart method to earn more. You can use multiple accounts to either increase your chances of being whitelisted for an offer or complete multiple searches and requests. 

Paid advertising

Since paid advertising is all about placing bids to take part in real-time auctions for ad placements, you should preferably have many ad accounts to enhance your chances of similar placements when bidding, in order to increase the likelihood of conversions.


You can sell across several regions on the same platform and establish a presence in a number of product categories thus keeping your brand safe by opening multiple accounts on e-commerce platforms. 


Bookmakers always calculate the odds in their favor, without exception. To increase your chances of earning, you can place bets on the same match on different websites or make bets on several results within the same bookmaker. 

What makes AdsPower unique

We always believe that industry-leading anti-fingerprinting technology is the determinant of AdsPower's success and what makes us stand out from our competitors. AdsPower has six core advantages:

  • Control of browser fingerprints
  • Easy automation
  • Synchronizer
  • Seamless team collaboration
  • Excellent data security
  • Flexible pricing model
  • Multilingual and responsive support

Control of browser fingerprints

It's the most fundamental function that an antidetect browser is based on, but what AdsPower does better is that we offer even iOS and Android fingerprints. We're also one of the leaders in this industry to provide the choice of Chromium- and Firefox-based browsers for greater undetectability.

Easy automation

Automating mundane tasks in AdsPower is simple and fast with the help of our well-developed RPA robot. You can create any automation process according to your needs, or employ the ready-to-use templates. Read this article to learn more details about the RPA robot.

The RPA robot is not the only automation tool you can find in AdsPower. We also offer Local API and value-added Facebook automation services.


The Synchronizer is an "only in AdsPower" feature that you cannot find in other antidetect browsers. It enables synchronization of operations across multiple windows, like opening a new page, typing text, clicking on a button, installing extensions, and a lot more. Using the Synchronizer makes it easy to work with multiple accounts; with just a few clicks and no additional coding or fees, you can already control several windows at once. In this video and this article you can find more about the Synchronizer.

Excellent data security

Data security is an important principle to decide whether a software is countable, in which we never fail. In AdsPower, not only the data itself is encrypted, but also its transmission and the servers. No one can read your data except for yourself. With a series of security measures, such as 2FA, abnormal activity alerts, login IP allowlist, etc., AdsPower makes sure your data is put in trustworthy hands.

Seamless team collaboration

Team management may be another elementary function that every antidetect browser claims they're good at, but none of them surpasses AdsPower. Tiered permission management and operation log offered by AdsPower relatively allows users to control both members' access to profiles and to prevent risks in operations.

(Adding new members and managing their permissions)

(Action logs)

Flexible pricing model

We provide a completely free plan for newcomers, as well as the advanced Base and Pro plans. You can check out which plan suits you better. If you want to try out more advanced features but aren't sure whether to upgrade your plan, don't worry, you can get a 3-day free trial before making a final decision. We also provide regular discounts on purchases:

  • 5% off the 90-day subscription
  • 10% off the 180-day subscription
  • 20% off the 360-day subscription

Unlike most competitors, we use a flexible pricing model with charges based on the exact number of browser profiles and team members, allowing you to precisely select a plan that meets your requirements. 

Multilingual and responsive support 

We have been doing our best to expand into more languages to better serve our users around the world. Now our website and app are available in 12 languages. Get help and support in English, Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese via in-app or on-site live chat or send us an email at [email protected]. Our support team can remotely connect with you to identify the problem and solve any issues for your case.

Bottom line

AdsPower's popularity is built on the leading technologies and superb service. We are happy that we can help users to crash the limits of physical infrastructure and make revenue growth tangible. Choose AdsPower like thousands of other entrepreneurs and grow your business with the best solution in the industry. Follow us on social networks and stay tuned for the latest news!

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