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24 April 2020

On Astro, a trusted proxy website, anyone can buy the best residential, mobile and datacenter IPs or try them for free. We offer geo targeted proxies as well as static, rotating, individual, anonymous, public, shared, transparent, etc. Although young, our residential proxy network has gained an immaculate reputation in less than a year. We are expanding rapidly providing a number of options to those who need to mask their real IP addresses and continue to work legally and profitably on the Net. 

Let’s talk about how our company aids businesses. Being a worldwide trusted proxy website and a reliable provider, we offer quality solutions for online businesses. With us, many people get the needed information online without being banned, blocked or in any other way stopped from accessing it. Astro operates a good-sized network and provides the following types of proxies: 

  • The best datacenter proxies. We have got pools of traditional IP addresses that are owned by hosting providers, yet are not connected to ISPs.
  • Residential proxies. They are rented by ISPs and assigned to homeowners. Actually residential proxy is an IP assigned to a device owned by a homeowner, who allows other users to connect to and route traffic via it.
  • Mobile proxies. These are mobile devices, whose owners allow other users to route traffic via these devices.

Astro is well aware of the pluses and minuses of each of these options. We insist that residential IPs do have a future. They are effective in terms of masking conventional IPs, because residential IPs are rented by ISPs and represent real users (homeowners) in different parts of the world. Once a user, who connects via a residential IP, visits a website, the residential IP-address (not the user’s main one) becomes visible for the website. Because the residential user is real, it won’t look suspicious to the website and won’t make them want to block it.

Astro opens up new horizons for businesses

Help in finding real data 

There are quite a number of good reasons why businesses want to resort to residential IPs. Most businesses want to know more about their competitors. They have to do tons of browsing and make competitor websites feel suspicious about them. Websites tend to distrust datacenter IPs because they are notoriously popular among scams. Any user attempting to scrape data from a website via such an IP will be banned pretty soon.

Residential IPs do not cause any suspicions, providing that they are run by a reputable company and have not been abused. Any visit from a residential IP looks to websites like a real one, because they see real users’ IPs and therefore do not need to worry. Businesses can check as many websites as they need to dig information without fearing red flags. 


Getting blocked by a competitor is frustrating, but not the worst thing yet. Scams can track your IP address, take time to check and learn your every move and steal your identity. You may end up with your IP stolen and used as a server for scam purposes. The worst-case scenario is your ruined reputation, because all nasty tricks will be carried out on your behalf. If you join Astro and buy residential, mobile or datacenter proxies from our network, you will have the best experience where you connect to a new residential IP every day, so criminals can’t keep up with you.

Brand and copyright protection

If you are running a business online, brand and copyright protection should be your number-one priority. Just like your competitors, you will want to ensure that no one captures your idea and implements it before you do. Therefore, it is no wonder that websites keep track of IPs visiting them (including yours). 

Also, residential IPs help to target counterfeit firms. To cover up tracks, these fraudulent firms block IPs that come from countries where manufacturers are headquartered and original goods are produced. This makes it hard to trace them and bring them to justice. With a residential IP at hand it is possible to connect to a server located in such a country and secure your brand and/or intellectual property.

Astro has all tools at hand, which can help you avoid the trouble. Residential IPs are among the safest ones, particularly those handled by reputable and conscientious providers. We guarantee full and complete protection of your brand and whatever copyright information you have in relation to your business.

Testing foreign software

If you are a business person and you have purchased an important application made by a company headquartered outside of your country, you may have difficulty testing its performance. Keeping all apps ticking properly is a must for any business. There are ways around the barrier: you can outsource an expert in the app’s home country or connect to an office in that country via a residential IP. The latter appears to be a quicker, easier and cheap to buy option. As a trusted proxy website, Astro handles a huge network of geo targeted residential IPs, so we will put you through to the app developer in a matter of minutes.


Many accommodation services and booking offices set prices that are discriminately different according to geographic location. Also, they offer discounts to citizens of particular countries. In this context, when you buy a residential IP, you open up numerous saving opportunities. You can connect to an IP located in a region, where services are less expensive or discounted, and save quite a bit of cash for a business trip or a long-planned vacation overseas.

Ad verification and marketing

Marketing and advertising are the two fundamental musts for every business aiming for success online. Businesses need to be sure that every ad they place on the Net is eventually viewed by the target audience. However, there are guys who use high-tech tricks to use someone else’s ad and claim revenue for these without actually placing an ad. Very often, scams redirect users from real pages to fake ones that present misleading or false information. 

If you want to be sure that your ad is visible to your target audience in another country, the best thing you can do is route your connection via a residential IP located in this country and view your ad. Also, you can check the work of local search engines by your website’s ranking. Finally, by connecting to a local residential IP, you can check your competitors’ marketing tactics and from this, get an understanding of how to improve yours.

Staffing business

Today, it is quite possible to find a gifted specialist in any location. Businesses are increasingly interested in employing qualified staff and building international teams. This has proved to be an effective tactic. However, many job sites use geolocation filters and block candidates from specific countries. 

Buying geo targeted proxies pretty much solves the problem, as you can connect via a resident of the country, where the job site is hosted, and browse for an employee as if you were a regular citizen of this country. With Astro by your side, you can find and employ a savvy person in less than a few minutes in Germany, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus.

Account management

To sell goods and services in social media, users have to market them properly. This may require running several accounts, which is not welcomed by social networking websites. If you try to market in social media using your main IP only, they will promptly reveal and red-flag you. Most social media use anti-bot tools, so using a bot won’t work either. 

In this scenario, when you buy a residential IP and use it, you can mask your main IP and run your campaign from several accounts. As a trusted proxy website, Astro will pick up a network of residential IPs for you and make you look to these websites like a group of independent users. You will be able to run your marketing campaign without fearing a ban.

Why buy residential IPs on Astro

Given the facts above, the biggest disadvantage of residential proxies is their high price. Still, when you buy them from a reliable provider, you are sure to get high quality, online security and a good connection speed. Compared to mobile and datacenter proxies, residential ones are the best. Although they are more expensive, their price promises Quality and Online safety. Members of the Astro community agree that thanks to our proxies, they are now able to solve numerous tasks of a work and personal nature, and conduct their web-activities without fear of getting blocked or blacklisted.

We offer a free trial of our proxies. If you like their quality, you can always buy geo targeted, individual, anonymous, transparent, public, private, shared and other types. 


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