Benefits of extra income and a case for Astro

22 September 2022

Extra income is an important factor of life for many people all over the world. For example, according to Bankrate, in the US, 45% of all the working Americans confirm having a side hustle or a gig, along with their main job! Why are they doing so? 

Economic rationales behind earning extra money may differ. As of 2022, America’s residents spend the extra money they make on: 

  • 41% allocate their extra money for critical living expenses; 
  • 26% are happy to have higher disposable income for extra spending beyond critical expenses;
  • 17% prefer to save that extra money so that they can accumulate more wealth;
  • Finally, 12% hope to pay off their debts sooner by decreasing it step by step. 

This picture does not look surprising. What is actually surprising, is that Americans tend to love their side jobs more than their primary jobs. As The Hustle, a dedicated website covering side jobs, stresses, roughly 50% like their main occupation. At the same time, as many as 76% appreciate their side hustles. 

Passive income is the best income 

For sure, passive income is still a desirable option for many. No matter how much you adore side gigs, having access to a stable and regular flow of cash with no efforts is what many people want. As the US Census Bureau highlights, approximately every fifth US household does earn passive income. The main ways to do so include “dividends, interest, or rental properties.”

However, there is no shortage of other available options. Among other things, one can place ads on their cars, renting out their parking lots, etc. 

We at Astro have a great idea for you!

Passive income with Astro

Being an advanced enterprise data gathering ecosystem, we offer our users to buy residential and mobile proxies. For this purpose, we have assembled a pool of house-based and mobile IPs. However, as our customer base grows, we also need more partners ready to share their IPs with our law-abiding users observing all applicable KYC and AML standards for reward. 

There is also another option available. Join the network of our individual partners and start promoting our proxy ecosystem. That is how it works: 

  • You register with our referral program and get your unique link; 
  • If you know anyone looking for residential and mobile proxies, share this link with them so that they register with us via it;
  • The rewards you will get are based on the so-called RevShare model, i.e. "Revenue Share".

As soon as they make a payment to buy residential and mobile proxies, you will be given a certain share of their payments. For instance, if such a partner pays $10, you will get $1. The commission you receive depends on how many partners you "recruit": 

  • 5% — between 1 and 10 partners
  • 10% — between 10 and 15 partners 
  • 12% — starting from 15 partners

And the best is that our referral program is a life-time one. That is to say, you will keep on earning money via your referral partners as long as they use the Astro program. As you might know, there are many use cases for residential and mobile proxies. SMM agencies, eCommerce businesses, SEO optimization companies, individual users requiring greater privacy, etc. Hence, you can bring a lot of partners. So it is time to work with Astro!

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