Big data today: overview, numbers, perspective

16 April 2022


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Today, let’s talk about big data, the term referring to a huge array of information and technologies for searching, processing and applying unstructured information in large volumes. The concept, known to few people 5 years ago, is popular among laymen and specialists alike now.

Back in 2015, Gartner, a world-famous research and advisory firm, dropped “big data” from its popular Hype Cycle methodology with the caveat that it was no longer a hyped technology with untested value, but a modern reality. This is how trends grow into mainstream over the years.

Big data in numbers

Speaking of trends. Interestingly, information from Google Trends’ US 2010-2020 search data confirms Gartner’s data. Judging by open statistics, the term big data caused a peak of interest in October 2014, which led to its decrease in popularity: what was once on top gives way to new concepts, inevitably. By 2019, the already-not-so-fresh and interesting big data branched into other directions. Today in 2022, we know data science, business analytics and business intelligence. These are irreplaceable areas that bring tangible benefits to businesses in all industries globally.

The best proof of the usefulness of big data is how fast the industry is evolving. Demand for data is growing; data specialists are wanted and welcomed more than ever, not only in this country, but throughout the world. This search for skilled data specs is going to grow year by year.

  • Big data analytics industry reached $50 billion in 2019.
  • By 2026, with sustainable growth rates, we can expect $100 billion or more.

According to the report of some foreign social networks for finding and establishing business contacts, as well as US recruiting agencies and job search services, in 2019-2020, data scientists were the most in-demand specialist positions around the world. In 2021, this position was indicated as the main trend in work in the IT and digital fields. Also, according to an industry report by Fortune Business Insights, some of the key market drivers behind the growing interest in the business analyst profession are:

1. Implementation of AI solutions,

2. Customer analytics,

3. Operational analytics.

What is operational analytics is already listed in encyclopedias of technical terms. For example, Techopedia defines it as “a type of business intelligence aimed at improving existing operations.”

Big data and web scraping

Big data is integral to the web scraping process. With the growing demand for data from businesses around the world, web scraping, as the main method of collecting public data from online sources, is also experiencing a rise in popularity.

  • Online businesses ranging from travel fare aggregators to e-commerce marketplaces rely on data collection on a daily basis.
  • Web scraping is also used as a method to ensure that product prices are in line with market averages and to select products that are in high demand.
  • Competing companies need big data to secure higher rankings in search results; to optimize advertising and SEO campaigns; to check if their ads are displayed correctly on websites.

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Web scraping and proxies

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