How does a proxy help saving money

25 March 2022

The old proverb goes, ‘a penny saved is a penny gained’. Even a small amount of savings can end up saving a significant sum of money. And don’t waste your time and nerves as well. If you buy residential proxies from a trusted proxy site, you avoid some of these extra costs. And we will tell you how exactly it happens.

Proxies and smart shopping

The same goods, air tickets or hotel rooms’ rent can cost differently. It depends on where you are from and what device you are using. All internet services track your IP address. It contains data about your region, device type, operating system, language, and even mentions the browser you use. All these things affect the final price you see on the site. They say even the users of Mac products are often offered increased prices for goods and services.

If you are not ready to overpay, you'd better buy residential proxies. As a trusted proxy website, Astro offers clean residential IPs that securely hide your device type, disguise your location, and allow you to connect to the Internet through an IP address in another country. So the online stores won’t convert prices into your local currency at an unfavorable rate.

In some cases, our services will even open additional shopping opportunities for you. For example, you’ll be able to shop at stores that only serve customers in the US, or particular countries of Europe and Asia. Or maybe you’ll get access to the sales section. All this becomes possible if you buy residential proxies, as simple as that!

For best results, combine proxy server usage with incognito mode in your browser. It will hide the web history from the trading platforms. And they won’t be able to find out the cost of air tickets, things and services you have been monitoring for the last few days. And it won't make them more expensive.

Didn't spend - so earned!

First of all, a reliable residential proxy which you can only buy on a trusted website, is protecting your anonymity on the Web. The main thing is that the proxy server itself does not record your actions. Astro does not keep logs of the actions of its users, and does not transfer any private data to third parties.

The fact is that using a proxy means to be insured from hackers or cyber scammers who want to know your real IP. Do not fall for them - save time and money.

If we talk about business, our corporate clients use proxies to conduct advertising campaigns in social networks or do some market research. With a residential or mobile proxy they buy, there’s no need to be afraid of banning or account blocking. At the same time, proxy servers protect your website from data parsing conducted by your competitors.

Astro can cover the costs

As you buy residential proxies, you can both save money, and make it as well! Invite friends and subscribers to try proxies for free via personal link from your account. And then receive 10% and more of their payments to your account!

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