How residential proxies help in web search

08 February 2022

Astro is a trusted proxy site where you can buy both residential and mobile proxies. You could need them in many cases like monitoring your or your competitor’s website’s search engine position. 

Ranking is highly important when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so utilizing our geo targeted proxies helps a lot.

  • Speaking of web searches, the trend is to look at the first page of a search engine. Usually, we don’t go deeper than the first or second page, agree? Even if there are thousands of succeeding Google pages, we tend to find what we need on the first ones.

  • Speaking of businesses, they strive to get to the first page to make their company or services popular. If they have a website and they want it to grow, their aim is to get to the top of search engine results. In this way, they will have many people visit the website and order, buy, or make a call.

  • Speaking of competition, the job is tough. To get to the first Google or Bing page, companies have a hard time. Understanding where you and your competitors stand is important. This is where SEO and monitoring with Astro’s residential proxies play a big part.

How are Astro’s residential proxies useful for SEO?

Since SEO is so important in a website’s success, it is crucial to understand its SEO rankings in search engines. Thus it can become more visible and visited by the target audience. Strategies are multiple how companies can grow popular and reach the top positions: 

- forming their own SEO department, 

- buying an online service, 

- implementing self-developed tools, 

- hiring a freelance SEO specialist, etc.

However, all these are of little use if you don’t understand how they affect your ranking.

You need residential IPs to successfully web scrape rankings. You can buy them at a trusted proxy website which sells real residential IP addresses. Thanks to geo targeted proxies, you can get rid of the issue of blocked websites. Any site anywhere in the world is possible to reach and web scrape because you have free access to it. You buy residential IPs which grant you unlimited access to any online platform and the data you need.

How do residential IPs work?

Residential proxies give you a pool of different IP addresses. In this way, you can manage numerous connections from a single device, and carry out web crawling and data scraping operations. There’s no need to worry you’ll be blocked because your IP is constantly changing. With rotating residential IP addresses, our proxies will mask your automated tooling from being blocked by search engines. If you apply the best SEO strategies, practice professional tools and use our residential geo targeted proxies to monitor your site’s performance, then you’re on the right track. Your website will surely grow and have better rankings. 

  1. Use our proxies as an instrument to collect the precise data from web scraping,

  2. Use them for SEO monitoring,

  3. Utilize them for website audits.

Astro offers you a winning strategy for having good search engine results for your online business. Just like other companies we deal with, you’ll have a trustworthy business partner to turn to when needed. 

Buy and use our residential IPs to your advantage as they give you total accuracy in your SEO tasks!

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