How to connect a proxy to the antidetect browser Dolphin Anty

07 February 2024


Astro is a trusted proxy website offering proxies for efficient web data parsing, traffic arbitrage, account promotion and so on. During such processes you work with great amounts of inbound and outbound data. So it’s necessary to have additional protection from anti-spam filters and anti-fraud scanners. 

A great way to reduce the likelihood of blocking is to use an antidetect browser. Earlier, we talked about what antidetect browsers are, why you may need them in your work, and why you should buy residential and mobile proxies, or best datacenter proxies to achieve the best result. And today we’ll tell you how to set up our proxies in Dolphin Anty antidetect browser.

Dolphin Anty is a powerful and popular tool

More than 800,000 users already work with Dolphin{anty}. It can replace all important parameters to create a trusted digital fingerprint, incl. WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, Client Rects. Set up time zone, language, geo, and CPU, RAM memory, screen resolution, and ports number for best results.

One of the features is a “cookie bot”. It gathers website cookies from the pages you specify, creating a strong user’s background. So you don't have to crawl through websites getting a history of “proper” activities. 

The antidetect easily passes the checks of different digital fingerprint scanners, including Pixelscan and CreepJS. The developers of Dolphin Anty focused not only on reliability, but also on its usability. It allows you to:

  • add tags to your accounts,
  • add browser extensions to all profiles at once. E.g., install an online translator extension to hundreds of profiles at once,
  • specify the status of every profile. With this feature it’s much easier to find an active/banned account, advertisement/web crawler account etc.
  • attach bookmarks to all profiles. Specify an account information there: login, password, date of birth, etc.
  • use unlimited number of proxies, or assign a different one for every browser profile,
  • change IP address of any geo targeted dynamic proxies through the antidetect browser interface,
  • make profile copies unique through randomized digital fingerprints. Create a duplicate of any existing profile with a unique characteristics’ kit,
  • customize tabs opened at the start of any profile.

Dolphin Anty is popular due to:

  • its rational cost,
  • a 4-day trial version with no function limit,
  • a free version with 10 profiles available.

How to connect proxy to Dolphin Anty

First, go to your account settings on the Astro trusted proxy website. Copy the IP address of a proxy with only one click. We offer not only to buy proxies, but also to manage them easily. Choose any protocol you need — HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 — or even both (numbers 1 and 2 respectively). 

When you buy our residential and mobile proxies, and best datacenter proxies too, you get two web protocols at once.

After clicking on the "copy" button, you’ll get a line like this:

http://login:[email protected]:10147 (for HTTP)


socks5:///login:[email protected]:10148 (for SOCKS5).

Next, launch Dolphin Anty and click on the icon in the sidebar:

Click the plus sign in the upper right corner:

In the opened window, paste the proxy in the block. If you want to add several proxies at once, list them one by one in a column. When everything is ready, click on "Add":

Regardless of which geo targeted proxies you use, they are all dynamic proxies by type. You could change an external IP address through the Astro’s API. All you need to do is add a personal link mentioned at our trusted proxy website.

Copy the necessary data in one click:

And then paste it after the proxy address in square brackets. Your entry might look like this: socks5://info2331:[email protected]:10424[ 10023/api/changeIP? apiToken=b3d5e144b2c3762e]

We provide our users with only the best datacenter proxies, and offer to buy residential and mobile proxies with a low chance of getting banned. And Dolphin Anty makes it possible to check every proxy right away. Tick the checkboxes to the left of every added proxy, and click on the button to run the built-in proxy checker:

If the proxies are available and set correctly, they’ll have the status "Active".

Now you can change the proxy IP in the antidetect browser menu. Click on this icon on the main screen:

So the setup is complete. Come up with new ideas, сhoose the best geo targeted proxies, and run them with Dolphin Anty. Do anything you need guilt-free using an antidetect browser and our proxies!

Sign up now, use the promo code ASTRO to get a plan for 10 profiles and a 20% discount on the first payment for any plan!

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