How to connect Astro to Incogniton

26 July 2022

On the Astro website you can buy residential and mobile proxies, and best datacenter proxies. These are all-around proxies great for any purpose. E.g. web data scraping, traffic arbitrage, SEO research, management of advertising campaigns or social media through multi-accounting. Professionals use Astro and trust us. 

Earlier we talked about what antidetect browsers are, how they work, and why this software is so popular.

Today we’ve compiled a guide to using the Incogniton antidetect browser. It’s a browser with a respectable set of features available for free.

Incogniton Main Features

Incogniton is a software running some unrelated browser windows simultaneously. It is based on Chromium, so it has the simplicity and convenience of Chrome, and got Chrome interface. Other advantages of Incogniton are:

  1. Support of HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 network protocols
  2. Automatic registration and browser management through Selenium Python
  3. Windows, MacOS, and Linux support
  4. A special tab to add useful Chrome browser extensions as one package. Just copy the extension links from the Chrome Web Store and paste them while starting a new profile
  5. Easy fingerprinting. Create a new whole digital fingerprint with one button
  6. Human typing emulation for website form filling. This algorithm not only pastes the copied text, but also makes pauses between letters entering. It makes your actions more trusted for anti-botting website systems
  7. Cloud storage for settings and browser history (optional), an ability to access it anytime using any device you have
  8. Built-in Cookie Collector. It visits sites from the proposed list automatically creating a reliable browser history with cookies. So the credibility of Incogniton profiles increases. Cookies can be exported for multiple use
  9. Mass creation of profiles based on a database in .csv file. Convenient for speeding up work with a large number of profiles
  10. Active Client Support via Telegram.

Launching Incogniton

First of all, you need to buy residential and mobile proxies, datacenter proxies. The type depends on tasks you need to perform. You can always ask our Client Support for advice. On your account’s page you’ll see a proxy list with the IP addresses and ports of the geo targeted proxies you’ve got. This data will be necessary to use Incogniton at its best.

How to connect the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies to Incogniton

Now go to There are four pricing rates available, including a free one called “Starter”. 

How to connect the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies to Incogniton

It has a limited number of profiles for saving but no limitations of its functions, which makes it an appealing choice for beginners. We’ll use a “Starter” rate as an example.

Click the “Get Started” button, visit the shopping cart page, and enter your contact details.

How to connect the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies to Incogniton

Then click the “Subscribe” button, download the program for your OS (Mac or Windows) in the appropriate section, and run it.

Adding proxies

The Incogniton antidetect browser has a simple and user-friendly interface, so we’ll briefly describe the main steps.

First, create a New profile. You can do it on the Manage Profiles tab by clicking the New Profile button.

How to connect the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies to Incogniton

Now you need to personalize a profile used with Astro geo targeted proxies. Note that on the left there is a menu with settings tabs available. And on the right is a window with current parameters to track all the changes made real-time.

We’ll use the default options. Let us say that you’d better use the settings for the OS coinciding with the OS installed on your device for larger safety.

Digital fingerprint settings are changed automatically when you click the "Generate New Fingerprint" button. It is useful when you create 10 or 100+ profiles and make each one individual. For every profile you’d better use a new IP. You can buy residential and mobile proxies instantly, just as the best datacenter proxies. Our trusted proxy website has no limits on the number of proxies bought. 

Some fingerprint settings in Incogniton, such as Canvas Fingerprint, AudioContext, WebGL metadata are available on the “Hardware” tab. The characteristics of the virtual device you emulate for profiles, such as Screen resolution, number of processor cores, etc. are located on the "JS Settings" tab.

We are mostly interested in the "Proxy Server" tab.

How to connect the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies to Incogniton

Specify the type of protocol, (1) HTTP (S) or SOCKS5. As one of the most trusted proxy websites, we provide all our proxies ready to connect via any of these protocols. Now we use SOCKS5 as an example. 

Next, enter the IP address and port (2) of the geo targeted proxies you get from our site. Fill in the login (3) and password (4) boxes.

You can tick the "Rotating proxy server" box, if you need to change the external IP during the session. All our proxies are dynamic, and they can change IP on every connection, on demand, or at the time interval you set.

Proxy setup is complete. Click the "Check proxy server" button (6). If everything is alright, Incogniton will display detailed information about the proxy in green font. By default, the browser performs an automatic proxy check every time you launch an app.

Finally, push the "Create profile" button (7).

How to connect the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies to Incogniton

Here you can see two profiles. The one on the top has geo targeted proxies with geolocation in Germany enabled. All you need to do is click the “Get Started” button (1) to open the Chrome browser window. 

The second profile below has no proxy attached. It is obvious by the “Proxy disabled” mark. You can run this profile as it is and risk getting a ban. Or you may click the logo with three dots (2), select "Edit" and enter the proxy IP and port received on our webpage. The setup process in this case is the same as for the new profile.

We serve the best datacenter proxies, and you can buy residential and mobile proxies, too. All of them are good to use with Incogniton antidetect browser. Choose proxies according to the needs you have, and use them with Incogniton. It will increase your protection from websites’ anti-spam and anti-fraud systems. 

Protect yourself from captcha filters and avoid blocking your proxy or account with trusted websites with proxy and antidetect browser

Have a nice day and a nice experience with Astro and Incogniton!


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