Invite users, advertise resident ASTROPROXY and get from 10% to 15% of all payments from users you attracted!

How to use it?

Get the link in your personal account and send it to your friends and acquaintances who need proxies, make sure they understand how to use the service correctly so that they can work successfully and you earn!

Distribute the link in all available ways, for example:

Add the link to your forum signature, your channel or blog, or your mailing list.

You can even create your own website and launch contextual or targeted ads on it!

Are you developing software using proxies? Let's integrate! Place our link on your website, and we will recommend your software!

Payment terms

The more you attracted users, the more you can earn! Provide yourself with a stable passive income!

Up to 15 referrals - 10% of ALL their purchases

More than 15 referrals - 12% of ALL their purchases

Withdrawals are made from $ 15 from ALL of their purchases

The minimum payment amount is 3000 rubles. The payout is ordered through support and is carried out to a QIWI or BTC wallet.

* The paid percentage of purchases may vary individually depending on the number of referrals and the volume of purchases