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20 June 2022

Astro is a proven service among highly trusted proxy websites. We are glad to help SEO-researchers, software developers, data analysts and many other specialists in their activities. We offer a free test of all our geo targeted proxies, because we are confident in the quality of our services. 

We are also sure that even more people can find our proxies useful. Our users can tell the world about us and get a reward for it. That’s what our affiliate referral program is for.

What is a referral program?

A referral program is a partnership, when we invite our users to share their personal referral link with their colleagues, friends, clients, and subscribers. This link contains a personal ID, and guides users to our landing page offering everyone to sign up and buy our proxy IPs, e.g. residential. If it happens, an affiliate link brings its owner a commission. It is paid every time affiliate partners replenish their accounts to buy residential and mobile proxies, or best datacenter proxies. The more people join our site with your help, the more you earn. 

It is a lifetime referral program, and a kind of passive income. You’ll make money for initial payment and then for the 2nd, 3rd payment and so on, until your referral partners use Astro.

What is special about our affiliate program?

1. You can make lifetime money. 

Your personal link will bring you recurring bonuses for a lifetime. You get commission with every fee from our users referred by you.

2. Our program brings together attributes of referral and affiliate programs. 

They used to divide partnership programs into two groups, referral and affiliate ones. Referral programs are supposed to offer incentives to existing users for inviting new customers. An invitation is usually a personal email or message in private chat. And the bonus for invited users isn’t measurable in monetary terms. It is often a gift card, a discount, additional hours for proxy rent, etc.

The term “Affiliate programs”, on the contrary, is meant to be a way of paying cash for every new user. The main participants are well-known influencers or bloggers. They don’t even have to be customers of promoted service, but should have a loyal audience. Affiliate link is basically promoted through websites, blogs, posts in social networks, podcasts or video streams.

We decided to combine the best characteristics of these programs. You can share your personal link anywhere and anyway you want. You’ll get lifetime commissions for all payments made by the users you’ve invited. Money is transferred to your Astro account, so you should be our user. You can withdraw money, or spend it to buy more residential and mobile proxies, or get the best datacenter proxies we provide. 

3. Commissions are growing due to the number of your referral partners.

First you get 5% from each payment of those who joined Astro via your affiliate link, and topped up an account at least once. As soon as the number of these users reaches 10, the bonus increases to 7%. If there are more than 15 people in your affiliate network, you get 10% from every payment they made of all payments made by them on our site.

This is how the “Revenue Share” program works. It implies the distribution of income, “The more users you invite, the more money you make.”

4. You can start making money right after signing up, from the first minutes of registration on our trusted proxy website. 

No need to choose any referral plans, or look for more popular proxies. All our proxies are rotating and geo targeted. All our proxies can bring you passive income right after the moment when participants of your referral network buy residential and mobile proxies.

5. You can always gain up-to-date info. 

All facts on our proxies, their types and prices, and ways of using them are available on our website, or in our blog. Use it to promote your personal link to your discretion.

What are the details of earning with Astro?

6. You can start making money immediately after you sign up. Once you’ve got your account, click to the “handshake” sign on the left to see a referral webpage.

Astro referral program

In the gray box there’s your affiliate link. Copy it to clipboard and share it to expand your referral network. The list of users who joined our program via your link is available below, in the “Statistics” table. As you see, our referral program is free to join and requires no technical skills.

The minimum payout is $15. You’ll need to have this sum on the account to withdraw money made with the affiliate program. Please ask technical support for details via Facebook, email, Telegram or other channels mentioned on the top of this page.

Here is also a link to the web archive with our ad banners and other visuals. Use it on your own to share your personal link more effectively.

How to distribute a referral link?

There are numerous ways to refer your friends, colleagues, and subscribers to Astro, including:

  • Place an advertisement banner on your website
  • Make a post in a blog, in threads, on Facebook (Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram)
  • Make a video review or a guide for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok with a referral link in description
  • Place a link in your bio in social networks
  • Send email about benefits of our geo targeted proxies to your clients and business associates. To convince them you can use our blog for information, e.g. this article — TOP 10 strengths of Astro. 

Are there any restrictions?

Most importantly, only active users count as participants of our affiliate program. Each user should top up their account on our site at least once. Otherwise, the algorithm will not consider them as your referral partners even though they have registered on the site using your personal link. So the amount of commission will be calculated based on the number of your active referral partners.

You can use your referral link as often as you like. Your affiliate network is unlimited, as well as your possible income. 

Please be polite and don’t send spam on forums or in social networks. Avoid using black hat techniques. Refrain from ways that may be seen as infringement of our intellectual property and/or trademarks (such as “Astro” etc). Advertise your referral link as you like but don’t violate our license agreement. Your affiliated partners should always know that they use Astro as a trusted proxy website.

We provide quality service with the best datacenter proxies, and offer to buy reliable residential and mobile proxies for reasonable prices. Enjoy using our proxies, and make a good profit from our lifetime referral program.


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