Residential proxies: being nowhere and everywhere at the same time

21 March 2022

Today, we’ll tell you the reasons why residential proxy is so popular. And how it helps to maintain anonymity on the Internet.

How does a proxy server work? 

Any proxy server on the Internet is an intermediary computer between you and the World Wide Web. All requests and data from your device pass through it. It also passes through all the responses from the websites you need. 

From the point of view of Internet pages and services, it is not you who uses it, but your proxy. Server plays the role of a shield or invisibility cloak, if you don’t mind, as it hides your personal data. It's like being nowhere!

On a trusted proxy website Astro anyone can buy residential proxies (geo targeted, private, dynamic, anonymous, etc.). Our service does not provide information about where you are and what device, browser and operating system you are using. To make this possible it replaces your real IP address with another one. It is a legal, simple and reliable procedure. In case you take the chance to buy the best residential proxies cheap.

What will I get connecting through a residential proxy?

  • You will hide your own IP address with another one received from the proxy network,
  • You’ll look like a real local user in terms of webpages you are visiting and services you are using.

The main thing is that a resident proxy server is an ordinary personal computer/laptop which belongs to a real person. This person connects to the Internet using the real household’s IP address from the local Internet Service Provider (ISP). But this household could be thousands miles away located in another city, or even in another country.

As a trusted proxy website, Astro offers its clients over a million residential proxies for rent every month. You can buy residential IPs located in 20 countries, from the United States and Great Britain, to Germany, Indonesia, Poland and the Philippines. Just choose a residential network type, specify the country and city, and connect to the Internet, as if you were a user from another geographical point. It's like you're everywhere! And it can come in handy in many cases.

Residential proxy helps to save money

Residential proxies make online shopping much easier. Marketplaces on the Internet set different prices for buyers from different areas. It concerns all types of goods and services, from toys or car parts to hotels booking and reserving tables at the restaurant. And an excellent way to change the game is to buy geo targeted residential proxies using our service. After that, you can go shopping online like a real pro saver! 

Mind the fact that a residential proxy hides your real IP, and makes it almost impossible for hackers to get your payment or other personal data. The Astro service itself does not record or store the history of its users’ actions, this is why we are a proxy websited trusted by millions!

Residential proxy restores lost opportunities

Residential proxies allow you to bypass local restrictions. Some world regions close an access to different social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), entertainment services (Spotify, Netflix), instant messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram), or even hide various social or political media and news feeds. 

It is easy to restore access to these web resources using residential proxies registered out of the country you’re in. Also changing the region through proxy would simplify doing the web search.  Google and other search engines are supposed to be strongly tied to the location of their users. Discover all these and many other features through a free trial version of residential proxy available on our website!


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