The Astro case: Connecting proxies to MarketerBrowser

26 April 2024

Geo targeted proxies by Astro are KYC- and AML-compliant. This implies compatibility with any software for e-commerce, web development, advertising, SMM, etc. Other benefits, such as 99.9% uptime, wide IP pools with 2M+ servers, HTTPS and SOCKS5 support, and dynamic IP rotation, make our infrastructure a perfect solution for antidetect browsers. Today we will show how to buy residential and mobile proxies by Astro, and connect them to MarketerBrowser.

What is MarketerBrowser?

The antidetect browsers and proxies form private web channels to operate multiple accounts at business scale simultaneously. The user installs an antidetect browser to set up:

  • Cookies
  • Digital fingerprints
  • User agents
  • Canvas, WebGL, and WebRTC
  • Languages
  • Extensions for various social media, trading or traffic arbitrage accounts, etc.

Then the operator runs numerous tabs from a single device separately and at the same time. The experienced user buys HTTPS proxy lists and implements them into the antidetect tool to operate data in the required distant geolocation. That is how proxies and antidetect browsers get along.

MarketerBrowser is a China-originated software. It is capable of:

  1. Creating and grouping multiple profiles
  2. Customizing them with unique real-user fingerprints
  3. Running profiles in isolated digital environments
  4. Automating tasks, such as signing in, clicking, etc.
  5. Assigning geo targeted proxies to chosen profiles individually or in bulk.

MarketerBrowser operates on Windows-based platforms, and emulates macOS and Win parameters to reduce risks of facing the restrictions for automated requests. The Android emulator is available for full version purchasers only.

MarketerBrowser's unique features are:

  1. Master Control Program, an algorithm that repeats user’s actions in multiple windows. Scrolling, clicking, surfing multiple tabs for gathering cookies become easier at business scale.
  2. Presets for auto-login on popular sites, incl. Meta Platform’s products, Quora, Reddit, and so on. Option to log in to multiple accounts on different web sources simultaneously.
  3. Lifetime access to any pricing plan, from $125.30 to $377.30;
  4. Options to disable JavaScript, images, Flash, etc., and enable clearing cache during a new profile’s creation.
  5. Ability to import SOCKS and HTTPS proxy lists you buy manually or from a file.
  6. Extended profiles’ number in free version, up to 50.
  7. Unlimited profile number for paid subscription plans.
  8. Separate “Accounts” and “Browsers” lists offering advanced opportunities for their matching, editing, automating, etc.
  9. Affiliate system offering 25% commission for sold copies of MarketerBrowser.
  10. Full-pledged “Analytics" section with charts and detailed info on all operations performed during a session, incl. likes, posts, comments on social media, etc. 

- The “Accounts” tab includes logins and passwords for sites to group them and run simultaneously.

- The “Browsers” tab lists browsing profiles with unique fingerprints to associate with accounts. Each “browser” can run a single or multiple accounts. We recommend, however, buying residential and mobile proxies in the amount sufficient to supply particular accounts with their private external IPs. Such behavior lowers chances of access restrictions.

There are three paid pricing plans with one-year or lifetime prolongation options.

Antidetect MarketerBrowser pricing

Be aware that organizing teamwork through MarketerBrowser requires purchasing access for additional users by the number of personnel. The only supported drive is Chromium, and the free version lacks support for WebGL and WebRTC adjustment. The “Analytics” tab, plugins and extensions are also unavailable in the free version.

How to add Astro geo targeted proxies to MarketerBrowser

The recent update to the MarketerBrowser 2.0 version has introduced a new UI, organized according to antidetect standards. All the settings are available from a single dashboard. There are three ways to add dynamic geo targeted proxies:

  1. One by one;
  2. Through a list (in bulk);
  3. During a new account or profile creation.

Connecting Astro proxies to MarketerBrowser one by one

First, buy residential and mobile proxies on the Astro official website. Sign in and “Add proxy” (1) through the main menu. Make a choice of a required type, geolocation, amount of traffic, etc.

Astro proxies and antidetect MarketerBrowser

We have chosen a residential IP with Brazilian geolocation as an example. Next, open the appropriate tab (1) and press “Add” (2) to add a single address to a common list. Fill in the gaps, and click “Test” (3).

Astro proxies and antidetect MarketerBrowser

Instead of printing attributes manually, apply a special “Copy” button near each parameter on Astro's dashboard.

Astro proxies and antidetect MarketerBrowser

The proxy was successfully added. Now you can assign this IP to one or various profiles.

Astro proxies and antidetect MarketerBrowser

Bulk Astro proxies' connection

Adding two and more addresses may take time, so we suggest buying an HTTPS proxy list and connecting all IPs at once. Go to Astro's dashboard and find the “Export to file all” key (1) above the IPs’ list.

Astro proxies and MarketerBrowser

Specify protocols you need for work (3). Every IP supports both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 presented as separated ports. To meet MarketerBrowser’s requirements, apply the following template (2) — {ip}:{port}:{login}:{password}, and export the list to a file (4).

Astro proxies and MarketerBrowser

Now return to the relevant section (1) of the antidetect tool, click “Import” (2), choose the “ports.txt” files you’ve got from Astro (3), and import their content (4).

Astro proxies and antidetect MarketerBrowser

The geo targeted proxies will appear on the interface. To assign these addresses to the existing profile, press the pop-up window (1) and select IP (2) from the dropdown list.

Astro proxies and antidetect MarketerBrowser

The procedure is similar for adding a server to an account. To enhance accounts or profiles during their creation (1), choose the already installed IP (2, 3) or type in the credentials manually.

Astro proxies and antidetect MarketerBrowser

The “IP analysis” feature (4) automatically adjusts digital fingerprint’s settings (5) to the geolocation. This will raise a software’s authenticity.

Why buy Astro residential and mobile proxies?

The Astro infrastructure offers to buy residential and mobile proxies, and datacenter ones. Strict ethical compliance, city and provider-leveled IP pools with an ability to operate 250 parallel connections per port, make our platform a reliable partner to deploy with antidetect browsers, including MarketerBrowser.

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