TOP 5 reasons to choose a mobile proxy

31 March 2022

Mobile proxy is a type of proxy server that appeared not a long ago. With the development of the personal gadgets’ market, the opportunity to buy residential and mobile proxies at an affordable price has also increased. These servers are now affordable as much as best datacenter proxies. But first of all, what is a mobile proxy?

The definition of a mobile proxy

Proxy servers named “mobile” are in substance residential proxies but based on devices connected to cellular networks. Among them are smartphones, tablets, laptops, 4G modems, etc. When a trusted proxy website offers you a datacenter proxy server, it’ll have a fixed pool of IP addresses. So buying residential IP on a mobile basis increases the freedom in working with Internet traffic. So let’s name 5 reasons for mobile individual proxies to be so popular. 

Reasons to buy mobile proxies

1. Mobile proxy is high trusted

Mobile devices change their IP addresses constantly connecting to the WWW by cell sites. The point is that millions of smartphones share a limited number of IPv4 addresses among themselves. It became possible because of NAT (Network Access Technology). By the way, the same technology is used by residential proxies. Web services thus receive numerous requests from these IP’s.

When a trusted proxy website uses mobile devices as anonymous proxy servers, Internet pages treat them as regular smartphones. For web services, it seems that some local devices are just connecting to the network. They have their own IP addresses and even provide IMEI codes (if devices use SIM cards).

As a result search engines, social networks and online services do not see anything suspicious in the dense data stream. And even if atypical activity is detected, the web page doesn’t block IP’s represented by mobile proxy servers. In case of restricting access to the Internet for them, many normal users with mobile gadgets could be banned. Therefore, mobile individual proxies are less likely to be blocked than best datacenter proxies.

2. Mobile proxy server uses rotating IP address

Mobile proxies are dynamic. They automatically change their IP address in two situations:

  •     at each new connection to the Network;
  •     after a specified time interval.

At the same time, proxy servers behave similarly to ordinary mobile devices. Their IP addresses are constantly changing by ISP’s and/or cell phone companies. Hence the high degree of trust on the part of Internet pages, and the reduced possibility of getting into the "black lists" of services when using bots. 

Astro users, who buy residential and mobile proxies, can set a certain period of time for changing IP to their liking. It can vary from one minute to several hours. Using such a trusted proxy website means providing yourself with a reliable way to work anonymously on the Internet.

3. Mobile proxy provides high-relevant information on demand

A mobile proxy server seems like a real device to Internet sites. The data received from it by the web page is authentic. It means that the geolocation of the IP address matches the time of day, time zone expected there (and some other data such as operating system language etc). It marks the proxy server as trusted. And any geo-targeted proxies you buy help to use you web parsing, analyze the marketing or study competitors' strategies much more effectively. 

Mobile proxy during any of these processes imitate a regular user, who is a resident of a particular country chosen. It allows you to receive accurate and up-to-date information. Astro offers an option to select a country, city and even provider among dozens of available places. Don’t forget to have a free test before you buy mobile, residential or best datacenter proxy servers.

4. Mobile proxy can do a lot

Mobile proxies have great potential to work. It uses dynamic rotation of the IP addresses, has a high level of trust from the web services, and helps searching bots to collect accurate and actual data. It’s very useful for many purposes such as:

  • marketing research of the market, website parsing and web scraping to understand situation on the market and the positions of competitors on it;
  • launching an advertising campaign, and analyzing its effectiveness;
  • working with social networks, from promotion of goods to the promotion of accounts;
  • development of mobile applications and assessment of their performance;
  • creating and implementing SEO strategies.

5. Mobile proxy has favorable price

Best datacenter proxies our company offers have the most affordable price. Buying residential and mobile proxies needs more investments but it also could be more profitable using the right strategy. The strong point of mobile proxy is that it’s much less likely to be blocked. It can easily bypass numerous checks from web pages and be trustworthy for Internet services.

Therefore, users can reduce costs even at the stage of software development. They can spend less time and money on it by refusing to include CAPTCHA modules in the code of their product. We offer a free test of our geo-targeted so you can make a desicison on settings you’ll use. Then it will be much easier to plan a budget and buy the best mobile proxies in the most profitable way. 

The more prepaid traffic you order, the cheaper it will be for you to buy residential IP, or buy a mobile proxy server. Astro offers discounts – from 2% to 15%.


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