Types of proxies by access restrictions

26 February 2022

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Varieties of proxies by the access parameter

When it comes to accessibility, or access restrictions, there are private, personal, individual, shared, and public types. Among them are free and paid. In our previous articles, we have covered the topic of proxy prices and explained why websites with paid proxies are more trusted and worth choosing. Among free services there are good ones, however, use them at your own risk. Because free lists of IP addresses are collected from public places and given to everyone, the risk of being banned or red-flagged is too high.

Personal and shared proxies

  • They function in the same way. The difference lies in the reliability and safety for the user.
  • Private (personal, individual) are given personally for one user. If they share access (login and password) with a group of people, then such proxies can be used by a limited circle of users. They have good speed and a stable connection. They do not cause server overloads due to mass use. Thus, the chance of being blocked is close to zero.
  • Shared proxies are easy to find on the Internet. They are publicly available to everyone. They are collected by scanning ranges of IP addresses among open standard proxy ports and previously private servers which are now publicly available. Usually such IPs are outdated, only 2 out of 100 addresses are functioning; the rest are blocked and dead. The website you get shared proxies on is far from trusted, so you may end up banned very quickly.
  • Public proxies are similar to shared. The difference lies in the name; they function in an identical way. The main disadvantage of public proxies is how fast you get blocked. As soon as you get a red flag, the next user of this proxy won’t be able to access the site they want. 

What is the difference between private and public proxies?

  • The less people use a proxy server, the less it is loaded, the faster they can access its content. Because the connection speed is high, users enter, work, and leave faster than it is with a slow connection speed. 
  • From the parameters of anonymity and security, it is a lot better when only one user has access to a particular proxy.
  • Lists of shared proxies are collected from public places and issued to everyone. With free-of-charge services people don’t have to buy residential and mobile proxies, but these are not trusted proxy websites. We do not recommend using them for serious and scrupulous work with scraping, parsing from competitor sites, because this might be considered as fraught and end with account blocking. Besides, with free proxies you risk your personal data. With individual proxies, the leakage of personal information is minimized.
  • Buying the best datacenter, residential or mobile proxies is available on reliable sites. They are responsible for the quality of servers and guarantee that you buy clean residential IPs. Anytime you have a question, you can always contact technical support. In case of free shared proxies no party is responsible for what you get, so no one is going to help you. Astro recommends using public IPs for one-time use, like accessing a specific site or surfing the Web briefly.

3 benefits of buying residential, mobile and datacenter proxies on Astro

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