Types of proxies by anonymity

04 March 2022

On Astro, a trusted proxy website, anyone can buy the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies or try a pool of IPs for free. We offer geo targeted proxies as well as rotating, individual, anonymous, public, static and other types. In previous articles, we talked about the types of proxies by access restrictions, Internet protocol and protocol version. Today, let’s look at the anonymity parameter and discuss transparent, distorting, anonymous and elite proxy types. 

Types of proxies according to the degree of anonymity

There are four types of proxy servers according to the level of anonymity:

1. transparent:

They are far from the best in terms of anonymity. They do not hide the user’s real IP address; it is displayed in the parameters’ line. Consequently, the user’s data and their actions online are visible, whatever they do on websites is open information. Thus, the user behind transparent proxies is easy to figure out. Such IPs act as a technical intermediary for traffic transmission. You can use them to bypass IP blocking or banning for residents of a certain country. When you buy residential, mobile or datacenter proxies, make sure they are not transparent. You are best to choose IPs with a higher anonymity level.  

2. distorting:

These types of proxies have a slightly higher level of privacy than distorting ones. Such IPs display an incorrect or only partially correct user address. Their degree of anonymity is still insufficient to completely hide the information about the user. That small part of the real data about the user’s device that they transmit may be enough to determine their Internet provider, and see the client behind it. When you need high anonymity for online work or personal web surfing, avoid distorting proxies. They are only good as geo targeted, as you can easily bypass geolocation blocking or download files from file sharing services. If you need the best residential IPs that hide your identity well, you will want to buy them from a trusted website.

3. anonymous:

Proxies of this type are considered one of the best, so it’s a good idea to buy such residential and mobile IPs. They can hide a device’s IP well. Anonymous proxies are relevant if you need to perform tasks on the Internet in a safe and secret mode. The only disadvantage of such IP addresses is that they show that your connection is through a proxy server.

4. elite:

Are perfect for hiding user identity. They are highly anonymous, provide masking of the real IP address and the fact that a proxy server is being used. On the end node, all data is displayed as if the connection is direct, with no intermediaries. Here’s the thing, if you buy residential and mobile proxies for a cheap price, these IPs are not elite. High anonymity proxies cost a lot more than even the best datacenter ones. Also, you can get them only from a trusted proxy website.

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