Types of proxies by IP address

28 March 2022

Modern proxy servers are divided into many categories. The best residential and mobile proxies can be put into two groups: static and dynamic. Before you buy residential or mobile IPs, you should know why dynamic proxies became so popular.

Static proxies

Static proxies use an address that doesn't change. This is a set of numbers and characters (eg. Internet Service Provider (ISP) orders such identifiers to all Internet users. A non-routable IP can be used to track all the user's actions on the Internet, including his or her geolocation, the type of device and operating system.

Static trusted proxy website works in a similar way, but it hides the user's real IP. For those who buy residential and mobile proxies, a trusted proxy website provide one or more IP addresses. And if the proxy is blocked, the provider must change it manually. This is an outdated way of buying and using residential IP addresses. It is much more convenient for users to have a possibility of changing the external IP at will. That’s the way Astro dynamic proxies work allowing you to buy residential IP address.

Dynamic proxies

Dynamic proxies (aka backconnect proxy servers) are called differently: reverse connection proxies, rotating, routable. But the essence is the same, external IP address can be changed. All residential and mobile proxies we provide are dynamic. Thereby you can change IP address each time you connect to the Internet. A similar principle is widely used by mobile operators. Also your IP address can be switched automatically after a certain period of time. You only rent a port, and choose a convenient way to work with anonymous geo-targeted proxies in your Astro personal account.

Advantages of dynamic proxy servers

  • Firstly, your Internet connection always remains active. So processing any data goes without interruption. Rotating proxy automatically chooses a new IP identity in the same city which belongs to the same provider, if it is mentioned in the settings menu on our web page. From the point of view of the third-party websites, it looks like one regular user has left the network, and another one has immediately joined it.
  • Secondly, our trusted proxy website offers ‘white’ individual proxies that search engines, social networks and services don’t arouse suspicion from. The merit of the best residential and mobile proxies is that they automatically change after a certain period of time. Each new request comes from a new IP address. And it increases the anonymity and speed of your work.

Using a reverse proxy is the best tool for web scraping. Such a proxy is cheap and allows you to successfully manage social media accounts, to analyze any advertising indicators and serves perfectly for advertising purposes. It can be easily integrated with the Astro API into your apps and other software. Our backconnect geo-targeted proxies provide reliable data from different locations on Earth. After you buy residential and mobile proxies you gain access to thousands of anonymous proxies not only in the Uk and the US, but also in Brazil, Germany, Taiwan etc. Before you buy our residential IP, you may try our geo-targeted proxies for free to find the most suitable exactly for your purposes.


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