Types of proxies by protocol version

07 March 2022

On Astro, a trusted proxy website, anyone can buy the best residential, mobile and datacenter proxies or try a pool of IPs for free. We offer geo targeted proxies as well as rotating, individual, anonymous, public, transparent and other types. In our previous articles, we talk about the types of proxies in terms of anonymity, access restriction and Internet protocol. Today we are here to speak about two versions of the Internet protocols, IPv4 and IPv6.

Proxy by protocol version

There are two versions of the Internet protocol, IPv4 and IPv6. The first is considered obsolete, the second is a new type.


This version of protocol uses an address mask. IPv4 uses a 32-bit space of 4 bytes. In the world, there are approximately 4.3 billion IP addresses of this type. IPv4 proxies look something like this:


The new version of Internet protocol quadruples the space for creating addresses and uses a 128-bit address space. IP addresses of this version will last for several decades, while IPv4 is already running out. The total number of IPv6 IPs is 2 to the power of 128. Such proxies look something like this: 2001:0GE8:AA20:0002:0000:0000:0000:00FB.

Which is better, IPv4 or IPv6?

There are many differences between them, if you go into the technical part. For example:

  • IPv4 proxies support all web resources,
  • Through an IPv6 proxy, you can only connect to a limited range of sites that support the new standard,
  • IPv4 was not originally designed for security,
  • IPv6 is more secure through encryption and authentication; it is more suitable for secure work on the Web,
  • IPv6 has a feature that allows you to find ‘neighbors’. Through it, devices and routers can detect each other and exchange data.

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