Which proxies are better: datacenter or mobile

12 July 2022

We know different types of proxies. They are divided into groups according to the type of protocol, accessibility, IP mobility, etc. In order to buy residential IP, and not waste money and time, you need to know which IPs are suitable for particular purposes. Should you buy rotating proxies, or is it better to devote your time and find the best datacenter proxies?

In this article we will discuss the classification of proxies by hosting. And then we’ll compare datacenter and mobile ones.

What are proxy types by hosting?

There are three main types of proxy servers: datacenter, residential and mobile.

1. Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies are physically located in large data centers. These industrial buildings host thousands of proxies. The data centers are owned by: 

  • providers
  • hosting companies
  • cloud services, 
  • trusted proxy websites,

such as Amazon, Google, or AT&T. These proxies are fast and reliable, and have static IP addresses. Datacenter proxies are said to be the best for their price. 

But these proxies are easily identified as located in data centers. Due to ASN (Autonomous System Number) websites define these IPs as proxies, and not real users (potential clients). 

It is because every large IP pool has ASN as one of the characteristics of Internet subsystems. Among them are networks of home providers and data centers with datacenterproxies. Web page owners beware of datacenter proxies as a source of spam or hackers attacks. And therefore pages hide a part of the data from proxy users or even restrict access to them.

2. Residential proxies

Residential proxies use IP addresses of Internet service providers (ISPs). These companies assign IPs to real users, not servers. So residential proxies are defined as home PCs or laptops by the Web censors. Hence comes the increased credibility, as site owners and search engines need good reasons to ban geo targeted proxies. These IPs can belong to their potential customers! 

Also dozens of devices can be connected to the Internet via one IP address. It is a CGNAT technology used due to the lack of IPv4 addresses in the world. So websites do not take unnecessary risks banning usual users. 

Residential proxies are block-resistant rotating proxies. They cost more than datacenter ones. But residential proxies are less likely to be blacklisted. They work longer with no suspicion from social networks or marketplaces. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) also serve as residential proxies, if they are connected to the home Internet via Wi-Fi.

3. Mobile proxies

They are similar to residential proxies. The difference is that mobile proxies are connected to the Internet not via Internet Service providers, but via cellular carriers. Their IPs are the addresses of ordinary mobile devices. Connecting via them looks to sites as a connection established by a regular user from a smartphone, or tablet PC. Getting these proxies from trusted proxy websites brings you dynamic (aka rotating) IPs. It gives you the freedom to collect and distribute data, and helps to avoid restrictions in work.

Advantages of datacenter proxies

  • Low prices

Buying datacenter proxies is the most affordable thing, because they are based on a ready-made data center infrastructure.

  • High speed

Best datacenter proxies are connected to the Internet through a broadband connection. Its bandwidth can reach up to 1 Gb per second.

  • Reliability

Datacenter proxies work with uptime of 99.9%. They are maintained by a team of professional engineers. IPs are located physically in one place, and it makes it easier to control proxies performance.

Disadvantages of datacenter proxies

  • Vulnerability to bans

Website security systems quickly identify proxies as server-side proxies and, for security reasons, restrict access to resources. So you need backup proxies to continue working.

  • Static characteristics

IP addresses of datacenter proxies are tied to the network equipment of data centers. It makes their location static. Once being blacklisted, IPs can’t get over restrictions. 

The problem is solved if you buy residential and mobile proxies, or get rotating datacenter proxies. We serve dynamic proxies. You can change a flagged IP anytime, or set a change of IP with each connection, or by time intervals.

  • Limited number of geolocations

Thousands of server IPs have the same location, because they are all placed in one data center. Therefore, to obtain relevant data from different cities and countries, it is better to buy mobile geo targeted proxies. 

Disadvantages of mobile proxies

1) Lower connection speed

Mobile proxies, even individual proxies, are inferior in connection speed to best datacenter proxies. A signal transmitted over a cellular network is less reliable than a cable broadcast and is inferior in bandwidth. The speed depends on network congestion at different times of the day. 

Devices acting as a proxy may become offline or lose network coverage. In such cases, the user switches to the next mobile IP. However, dynamic proxies cope with the problem. We offer backconnect proxies that automatically offer new IPs.

2) High pricing

You’ll need more money to buy residential and mobile proxies, than datacenter proxies. The reasons for this are:

  • difficulty in obtaining mobile IP by telecom operators
  • difficulty in transmitting data via cell towers, not through network cables
  • higher vulnerability to anti-botting measures.

Advantages of mobile proxies

  • High level of reliability

Mobile proxies are dynamic. They can change the external IP address that sites see. The IP that caused the suspicion of web protective systems is simply switched to a new one, and you continue working. We are one of trusted proxy websites that offers to buy mobile proxies whose addresses lie within the selected geolocation. It can belong to the same mobile carrier, if you need so. It reduces the suspicions of anti-spam systems. For them an IP rotation looks like one user is disconnecting from the Web while another is logging in. 

An IP change is performed with one click through a personal account or via API. This simple procedure doesn’t require any technical knowledge or skills.

  • Low danger of blocking

Mobile IPs rarely get banned or face access restrictions. The reason is that a pool of users connect to the internet using one external IP. So restricting access to one user means blocking a whole pool of them. It is called a CGNAT technology. Sites try not to take this step, and rarely resort to blocking.

You can buy datacenter proxies cheaper, but mobile proxies will be more profitable when working with well-protected websites, such as social media platforms, or online-shopping platforms (Amazon, Shopify, sneaker stores, etc.)

Robots that prevent spam or scraping on webpages can preemptively block datacenter proxies. Algorithms will determine the type of connection and restrict access to data. Or a user has to go through a captcha check every time. With automated work, it will lead to a loss of time. More than that, it will require additional money spendings on algorithms for bypassing protection and new, not yet compromised IPs.

It doesn’t threaten the best mobile proxies. So, despite the high price, the idea of ​​buying mobile proxies could be more profitable for working with secured web pages.

  • Extensive geolocation

Mobile proxies are available in dozens of countries around the world. They work on the basis of smartphones, tablets and laptops connected to the cellular network. Market research, SMM management, software testing and traffic arbitrage can be conducted at any specific point. With geo targeted mobile proxies you can also get access to localized content from multiple locations. 

  • Software Compatibility

Mobile proxies are universal in terms of technical compatibility. They work with data parsers, anti-detect browsers and automated algorithms. When you buy mobile (and residential) proxies you get them with two protocols to choose from: HTTP(S) and SOCKS5. The first one works in Internet browsers, the second one is compatible with network apps of any kind.

  • High anonymity

Mobile proxies replace the address and type of the connected device with their own. Your data remains hidden from the end servers, since the external IP is not tied by ASN to the data centers. Security systems get the info about geolocation and device type from it. It doesn’t arouse suspicion from anti-spam filters, and allows you to avoid getting banned by IP.

  • Relevant Information

When you buy mobile proxies you get accurate proxy geolocation. It means search engines and online stores see you as a common user. So they provide you with reliable local content. It is useful e.g. for data scraping, while anti-botting measures don’t use “spoofing” (do not replace or hide real data). The user gets access to the data he/she needs. Connection via mobile proxy server allows to work with accurate, relevant data, and develop a business based on it.

Astro is a proven and trusted proxy website providing the best datacenter, residential and mobile proxies. We provide a free trial. So anyone can test our proxies without restrictions, and find the most suitable ones.


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