Why Astro service is the right choice

15 March 2022

Nowadays and always the Internet plays such an important role in our lives. We can’t imagine ourselves without it. The World Wide Web is necessary for performing our working tasks, no matter what we do for a living. Sometimes the only way to use the Internet normally is to rent a proxy server inexpensively. Today we’ll tell you why Astro services are relevant at any time.

Enjoy new Internet features with our proxies

Our service helps to maintain anonymity on the Web. Wherever you are, our residential proxies will hide your computer’s actual IP address. It will give you an ability to scroll through news feeds, give you access to favorite entertainment or information websites. 

Residential proxies protect your business from curious competitors — and can even prevent possible hackers’ attacks. Without knowing your real IP address, strangers aren’t able to get sensitive information from your device.

More than that, sometimes it’s impossible to get access to distinct Internet pages at particular parts of the Earth. Such geographical restrictions are easy to bypass. It’s enough to rent residential or mobile proxies inexpensively using our service. Just select the country or city you want to be presented from on the Internet, and receive required information. Choose whatever place you want among available countries and cities.

Our Astro IP pool displays over 100, 000 unique IP addresses per day, and over a million monthly. All these are so-called pure, or “white” addresses. For third-party sites, all your actions will look like performed by ordinary users. After all, our residential proxies are literally real computers and devices connected to the World Wide Web hosted in different countries. 

We constantly check and keep relevant our database of IP addresses. This base is always up-to-date and reliable regardless of the situation in the world. Besides, we offer you dynamic proxies combined with complex algorithms. That means your chosen IP address will be online 99.9% of the time. And that’s the point we are justifiably proud of.

Why real pros choose Astro

Using proxy simplifies spreading ads of any goods and services you offer. So it increases your income. It doesn’t matter if you are engaged in carrying out SEO campaigns, parsing data, conducting traffic arbitrage or marketing studies. Here you can buy the best residential proxies at a reasonable price and achieve your goals.

Using proxies means you won’t get banned on a social network. Also websites won’t force you to solve endless captchas. And do you know why? Because they won’t even suspect you of using a proxy thanks to our NAT (Network Access Technology). In simple terms this technology helps a huge number of users to connect using the same “white” IPv4 address. Neither you nor the websites can notice that fact. Keep in mind the constantly growing popularity of proxy servers, and get the point of this important feature.

Proxy server saves your time and money

Don’t waste your money. You get access to the entire pool of Astro’s IP addresses immediately after making a payment for a certain port and amount of traffic. We won’t ask you to pay any extra fees for accessing our IPs.

If your pre-paid traffic expires or usage time ends unexpectedly, you can instantly replenish your account. Do it with your American Express or Visa credit card, by cryptocurrency or through one of the many payment systems we offer. After that you can immediately return to work, entertainment or whatever you plan to do using proxies. Everything is that simple.

Choosing the settings for your proxies is also a piece of cake. Every option mentioned in your personal account has a pop-up tooltip. Otherwise, you can ask our experts to give you detailed advice on choosing or using a proxy. Contact us via Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram!


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