Simple answers to FAQ

How does changing IP per request work?

Ports work independently. When changing the address for each request, each connection will have its IP address before it is closed.

The change mode "per request" is very specific and is used in some types of parsing tasks; use it only after testing.

If I choose ‘any’, will I be connected to IPs from a specific country or will countries change every time I connect?

If you have chosen ‘Any’, the system will automatically select an IP from the pool. It will choose any address that is currently not being used.

Also, it can rotate IPs. There won’t be any country-level targeting, the system will choose IPs from different countries. 


What would you recommend if I use Facebook?
1. Depending on your use of your Facebook account, buy at least 500Mb of traffic per port/account.

For Facebook, use a rotate-by-HTTP-link mode. Create a separate port for each account. It is imperative that you select city-level targeting in the settings!

It is advisable that you choose the city, which you have specified (in the respective field in your account) as your home city.

2. Before you advertise, warm up your account: make a friend list, subscribe to communities, click like buttons, repost, exchange messages, etc. Be sure that your language, activity, subscribers, etc. maximally cater to the proxy’s geographic location.

3. Launching it:

If you are planning long-term advertising, it is advisable to hire a group of admins to run your fan page in case you get banned. Leak your traffic gradually; you’ll be better off using a physical card. However, it is an advertisement issue, not a proxy issue. Even if you realize that your ad cabinet is banned, not the account itself (for your failure to provide a selfie, etc.), your account and proxy are ok.

What is the difference between mobile/residential/datacenter proxies?
Can I pay via PayPal?
Sorry, but Paypal payments are not available. This may change in future.
What if the webRTC does not change?

Use anti-detect browsers (Multilogin, Indigo, LinkenSphere, Aezakmi) or deactivate WebRTC.

Linken Sphere will reload WebRTC if you change IP in Dynamic Socks 5


Dynamic socks5: for mobile SOCKS; every time you change IP it reloads page to substitute for WebRTC.

Deactivate WebRTC:

We either block media.peerconnection.enabled = false

or set it up to connect to a default IP address

media.peerconnection.ice.default_address_only = true

Google Chrome the WebRTC Block or WebRTC Leak Prevent plugin (there is one for Opera as well).

How big is the proxy pool?

More than 100,000 IPs per day and 1,000,000 unique IP addresses per month. The pool is growing all the time.

This data was last updated on 05/05/2020.

I came across your competitor’s website offering residential proxies at lower prices than yours. What’s wrong?

1. Please, always be sure you are not being tricked into using datacenter proxies instead of residential ones. You can check it out on proxyleak.com > extended version -> ip -> type, there should be the word “residential.”

2. Every time you check such services, be sure you are not being tricked into buying a proxy that is actually an open one, which happens quite so often. Check out 2ip.ru in the privacy checkup section. Make sure there are no open ports.

3. Always check IP’s rankings using, for example, https://getipintel.net/. Some IPs are overloaded or spammed.

4. We have very few true competitors. We offer high quality proxies that outperform Luminati, Geosurf, Microleaves, etc., at a five times lower price, let alone user friendliness and easy registration.

I would like to run a multithread in ZennoPoster, but I want ports to rotate IPs independently of each other. Should I use a GET request?

Yes, once you are finished with your work, you’ll better off using GET/POST and/or API

Whoer.net sees some proxies as blacklisted. What can I do about it?

Even Whoer says the blacklists do influence SMTP messaging. Very many mobile and residential proxies have been blacklisted. This happens when a single external ‘white’ IP address is shared by hundreds of devices, some of which may be infected and sending out SMTP spam; the address may end up in a blacklist. This concerns SMTP messaging only, other functions are not affected.

What is a rotation HTTP-link URL?
Where do I find a GET/POST request to assign a new IP to a port?
How much traffic should I specify in my order?

You should order at least 100 Mb of traffic. You can extend your port anytime, and you will know how much traffic you need as you continue to use our service.

I’d like to connect to a residential proxy in Canada. How do I pay for it? How expensive is it?

You pay for a port and traffic. All our proxies are dynamic, i. e. external IPs will be rotated as you set them up to be. We do not charge any extra fees for your accessing of IP addresses.

Does the number of ports matter much?

To avoid bans, you can create a port for each thread and change IP addresses every time you finish a task if you like.

How do I change an external IP by HTTP-link URL?How do I change an external IP by HTTP-link URL?

There is a button in your profile and API (POST/GET) functions, which integrate into the software. You can change IPs through a click on the button or using API.

How long does the trial period last?

The trial period starts once you start routing traffic via a proxy. Its length depends on the test period specified in your order. We pass only test payments to the account.

Where can I look up the number of proxies, which I’m going to use?

We provide access to a pool of proxies. The number of ports is specified by you when placing an order. A port is equivalent to a dynamic proxy. A dynamic (backconnect) proxy is one with an unchanging address (our server). The external address will change as you configure it to when placing an order.

What tariff is better for Facebook advertising?

If you are planning to advertise on Facebook, you must use a residential proxy with mandatory city- or ISP-level targeting. Each account should have a separate port. Rotate IPs by HTTP-link URL only, do not change them during a session.

How long does a proxy last?

We are a dynamic network, so even if your IP address goes offline, the system will provide a new IP in such a way as to look like you are a regular user, i. e. the new IP address is located in the same city and belongs to the same ISP (as specified in your order). This means that a proxy lasts forever.

Can I change IPs through API based on specific parameters (country+city+ISP and possibly IP mask)?

To change IP, you can use API or click the button in your profile; IPs will rotate within the range specified in your order, our server will select IPs in an automated mode.

Do your proxies work for services like craigslist.org and ebay.com?

Yes, they do. We suggest that you use residential proxies with city-level targeting, or mobile proxies with city- and ISP-level targeting. This should help you avoid bans. Please, assign a separate port to each account.

I need a proxy connection to boost user behavior data in search engines. Which one should I use?

We recommend residential and mobile proxies with mandatory city-level and ISP-level targeting (for mobile proxies) as well. You can set it up to change IP by HTTP-link URL or at a time interval, which exceeds the session’s length by 15%. A separate port should be assigned to each thread.

Do you provide static IPs?

We are a residential proxy network, so we cannot guarantee availability of static IPs. However, there is hardly a task, where static IPs would be absolutely necessary; you just need to connect to proxies located within a particular city and run by a particular ISP, just like regular residents do. Choose city-level targeting.

How do I know how much traffic I need to use?

This requires a bit of testing; three hours of active Facebook farming with video and photo viewing will take about 500 Mb.

I purchased dynamic ports with IPs rotated by HTTP-link URL. I didn’t change address in my profile, it just change by itself. Why?

This can be due to high network activity. To avoid bans, you should use a separate port for each account and use city-level targeting. If you are using mobile proxies, use both city- and ISP-level targeting.

What geo options do you offer and at what price? Do I need to pay a monthly fee or based on the amount of traffic used?

You pay 2.5$ or more per gigabyte; latest information on prices and geo is available on the order page. You should order at least 100Mb (about $0.34)  

Why should I not get a new IP for every request?

As you do a task, the IP may change, and your target service feel suspicious. Use this mode only if it really suits you and you fully understand how it works. This mode is great for proprietary software developers.

How do I test it for free?

Contact our support service and follow instructions. Feel free to ask us what settings and tariffs to choose, so you can work without a hitch.

What is a port (proxy port, thread)?

A port is what is presented as IP:PORT, a dynamic proxy, and our server (node-xx-x.astroproxy.com) is this proxy’s address. The port’s external addresses (proxy addresses) change according to the port’s settings. At a certain point of time, a single port is using only one external IP.

I’m planning to work with social media and run multiple accounts. Which option is more suitable for these purposes?

If you are working vial social media, we suggest the following:

Run a separate port for each account and use city-level targeting to avoid bans. For mobile proxies, use ISP-level targeting as well. Residential and mobile proxies are the best for those who work with social media. Do not use datacenter proxies, because they are vulnerable, so you will get blocked right away.

Can I change a country, build up traffic, and switch between IP rotation modes after purchase?

You cannot switch between countries. You can extend and build up traffic, switch between IP rotation modes and change your login.

What should I do if I run out of traffic?

Once a port expires, you can top up your balance and then press the Extend button. Once you have specified the amount of traffic, the system will deduct the respective sum from your account.

I bought a proxy from another network, and they work on a pay-per-thread basis, i. e. each thread is a new IP address. Can I do the same here?

In AstroProxy, you buy a port with a prepaid traffic volume. The external address will change depending on how you have configured it during the purchase. The term “thread” is used in different ways, and in this context it means “a port.” You just need to buy the needed number of ports.

I need to see a list of proxies, but I cannot.

That’s simple:

1. Create as many low-traffic (for example, 100 Mb) ports in your profile as you can (as many as you want to see in the list);

2. Export the list in your preferred format.

How many simultaneous connections can a port handle?

A port handles up to 50 TCP connections.

Do I need to pay on a monthly basis or when I run out of traffic?

If the month ends before you run out of gigabytes, you make your monthly payment. If you run out of gigabytes before the month ends, you pay for another portion of gigabytes.

Is a port actually a one IP address?

A port (IP:PORT) is a proxy server. You connect to it, and it is static. An external IP address will change as you configure it when buying a port.

I read about different types of proxy networks: residential, business, college, hosting. What are these?

Business networks are run by organizations and offices (office buildings, small enterprises, etc.);

Cellular/mobile networks (Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile etc.);

Residential networks are operated by home ISPs (Comcast Cable, Charter etc.)

College networks are run by colleges or high schools (Harvard High School)

Hosting networks include datacenters or cloud services (Rackspace, Softlayer, AWS).

Do you provide IPs that belong to real users?

Yes, all IPs that we offer belong to real users, and we access their channels on mutually rewarding terms.

Is your network distributed around different countries and the United States?

In the order panel you can select an IP in a country and/or city, in which we operate right now.

What is the price?

You pay us for building a port (a small fee) and traffic (the bulk of the price), and You pay on a traffic-per-port basis. The port may expire by traffic or cash – whichever runs out first.

What is the number of users per channel?

The system provides individual ports, so that customers do not run across each other.

What kind of traffic do you charge?

We charge for one that turns out bigger. If you have downloaded more data than uploaded, the downloaded traffic will count and vice versa.  

What’s your trial grant?

We grant $2 for trial, so you can buy some proxy packages you need.

The trial starts once you run traffic via a proxy. You don’t need to worry even if you are unable to start right after grant receipt.

To run a trial, please, type in your email.

How frequently can I change IP?

You can change IP address once every 30 seconds. The IP will change instantly, without delays.

What are the support service’s work hours?

The support service is available from 9:00 a. m through 12:00 a.m. every day.

Response time depends on our team’s workload. Please, stay put, and we will answer any and all of your questions.

What’s a proxy pool?

Only online IPs can be part of a pool. Hand-picking digits to create addresses that are not actually online constitutes a scam.

We run our business honestly, so our pools include online IPs only.

How big is our pool of proxies?

Our pool is growing all the time and it comprised 100 000 IP addresses when we were writing this post. For more accurate information, please, contact our support service.

What is the uptime?

We use dynamic proxies with advanced algorithms, which ensure a 99.9% uptime.

Proxies go down only in case of serious technical issues. I there is one, our team of technicians will promptly fix it, and we will compensate for the downtime.

Do you have Instagram/ WhatsApp/ Avito/ Facebook/ Google/ behavioral/ advertising/ parsing, etc. proxies?

Yes, we provide proxies that solve all sorts of tasks. Please, address our support service, specify your goals and tasks, and they will pick up the right type of proxy for you.

Some IPs are blacklisted. Does that mean there are bad proxies?

Residential or mobile proxies will not get blacklisted unless you use SMTP to spam. With these types of proxies, blacklists can be disregarded.

If you use a blacklisted datacenter proxy, you will not be able to use SMTP servers effectively.

In blacklisted proxies because providers distribute one external IP to hundreds of users.

For example, one user has a virus on the computer and sends letters, the IP address falls into the SMTP black list (and correctly, there should not be mail servers on user computers, where should they be in a normal situation? User computers should not send letters, this is the way it works mail part internet).

In the case of hosting, which can be a mail server, everything is obvious, if the IP address is not resident, but belongs to the hosting, blacklists will protect against spamming from servers.

If Google / FB and others are banned, it’s not for the SMTP black list, but for the data center / hosting ip, which also has a low trust scrore

(you can check the trust score, for example, at https://getipintel.net/ )

You can see the type of IP to which the proxy belongs on the site https://proxyleak.com -> Extended version -> IP -> Type

Most IP verification services do not show and do not bind between types of IP addresses, because access to databases with types is many times more expensive than profit from the verification service itself or related products sold on it (for example, VPN)

I noticed that output IPs change automatically. I checked my settings and found that it was set up to change by time or HTTPs link (GET request).
Is 25 tcp port open? (SMTP) Is it possible to do mailings with your proxies?

At the moment (SMTP, tcp port 25) is closed on our proxies. Astroproxy is not suitable for SMTP mailing lists.

Perhaps we will add proxies for mailing lists later. Follow the news 'https://t.me/astroproxy_info'