Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies (dedicated, IPv4 proxies) are IP addresses of virtual and physical servers, which are housed in datacenters.

It is the oldest and most common type of proxy, and there are scores and hundreds of offers from a variety of datacenter proxy providers. The huge supply puts you at risk of bad choice. To prevent you from making a mistake, we have built our own service and written this post.

Datacenter proxies are the fastest-working and most affordable ones (servers use high-speed and unlimited channels). Many datacenters sell pools of hacked IPs and ports.

The use of such pools proved to be disappointing years ago. Besides, hacked servers are promptly fixed, and proxies become blocked.

It is quite possible to check datacenter proxies for quality (blacklists, poor fraud check results, whether or not a single proxy has been sold to several users).

Blacklists directly affect the quality of service (unlike residential and mobile proxies, whose operation is not influenced by blacklists). Poor fraud check scores send IPs and users’ accounts directly to ban lists.

Mostly, IPs land up in blacklists and poor score lists because of unethical sellers, who sell so called individual or elite proxies to several users at once in an effort to compensate for their expenses.

AstroProxy is entirely different:

All our IPs boast high scores and level of trust, and no IP is shared by several users. We check IP pools for blacklisted ones on a regular basis.

We call our datacenter proxies “smart proxies”, because we use algorithms that thoroughly test and select IPs before registering them with a proxy server. Besides, all our proxies are dynamic, self-recovering and manageable. You pay for traffic only and get access to an entire IP pool.

However, if you need to solve specific and complex tasks, we recommend that you use residential and mobile proxies.

If you are okay with datacenter proxies, it is the most attractive offer within the AstroProxy network.

When choosing a type of proxy network, please, weigh all pros and cons. To avoid restrictions and bans, consult our support service prior to using a proxy server.

Just like the whole AstroProxy network, datacenter proxies help today’s business solve all sorts of problems.

You can try and check it for free.

Our support service is always happy to help you using popular messengers, and you can read the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page.