A guide to proxy testing

24 October 2022

Data harvesting makes this first preliminary step a must. One needs to check whether their geo targeted proxies function correctly. Some companies prefer to apply their own in-house developed scripts to solve these problems. However, there exist more affordable ways to run checks of the proxies provided by trusted proxy websites of choice. 

Lists of IP addresses 

Let’s assume you decide to buy residential and mobile proxies. Understandably, it would be a logical step to attempt to check whether they are associated with a relevant location. The most convenient measure to take in this respect is to pay a visit to IP2location.com. It is a trustworthy IP database, making it possible to verify some important details associated with your IP address. 

Simple proxy testers

One more direction to go to check the workability and agility of residential and mobile proxies you buy is the tool that is well-known as proxy testers. This scenario supposes you are to download a software solution of this class. Try FOGLDN. 

The capabilities of this solution, when it comes to estimating the efficiency of your geo targeted proxies, are as follows:

  • It checks whether your proxies operate and how fast they can work;
  • It puts your proxy solutions of choice to test by pinging destination URLs of choice; 
  • With it, one can export their test results in the form of a TXT file.

Applying this checker is no rocket science. All one needs to do perform is the following sequence of steps: 

  1. Download the program;
  2. Enter the proxies that are to be scanned. In case you want to apply a rotating gateway address to your activities, it is possible to scan it on several occasions;
  3. Specify a URL of interest; 
  4. Choose “TEST PROXIES”.

That’s it!

More sophisticated proxy testers 

Hidemy.name is a much more powerful option. It is capable of recognizing the specific type of your intermediary solution as well as your location. On top of that, it can also measure your velocity and degree of privacy. Its key pro is that this software solution can give you a list of proxies that are gathered all over the Net in an automated fashion. One can also filter and group proxies by their protocols. 

Finally, this tool is fully prepared to identify your degree of privacy. That is to say, it can see if your real IP address is masked. It is important, because if there is a chance that the webpage you are visiting can recognize that you are operating behind a proxy solution, you can be blacklisted. As for the privacy classes Hidemy.name sees, they are as follows:

  • No privacy at all, which means the page can see your actual IP address and the fact that you are using a proxy;
  • Low level privacy, i.e. the page understands that you are using a proxy solution while not being able to recognize your real IP;
  • Average level of privacy, i.e. the page knows you are resorting to proxy solutions and even can suspect what your real IP is, but the IP it sees is not accurate;
  • High degree of privacy, i.e. the page can neither see your actual address, nor it is aware of the fact that you are using a proxy.

Astro’s advantages 

Being a trusted proxy website, Astro takes enormous pride in the high quality of our solutions. If you decide to approach us to buy residential and mobile proxies you can be sure that all these IP addresses belong to real households and cell phone users. Owing to the potential of the NAT technology, multiple individuals can get access to the Net via the same address. Many of them agree to share these addresses for a reward with us. After that, we share them with you. Approaching us for a proxy solution will relieve you of the need to test proxies. Start your free trial today


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