What is a geo targeted proxy?

25 July 2022


The development of online services has proven that buying residential and mobile proxies for reasonable prices is a profitable strategy. Speed, reliability and protection are guaranteed by paid proxies from trusted proxy websites. Getting free quality proxies is a tough nut to crack.

Buying mobile proxies means to be ensured with high trust from the security systems of online stores and search engines. The geo targeted proxies guarantee that users get authentic and reliable information. It’s the main geo targeting merit.

How does geotargeting work?

Geo targeting (or “geo targeting”) is a system to deliver advertisements to Internet users accurately. Advertising algorithms (such as Google Ads) determine where the connection was made from, and what actions has the user performed on the Internet. Then ads servers use collected data to offer users goods and services around according to users’ interests. Geo targeted ads appear in special windows on webpages. These are things that help to set a geo location:

  • IP addresses.

Internet service providers set addresses for desktops and devices using Wi-Fi and cable Internet in the households. While mobile carriers do the same for every smartphone, laptop, tablet, and USB-modem with a SIM / e-SIM card inside. So buyers of mobile proxies, or those who buy residential IP, connect to the Internet as common mobile users in the desired region. Despite the fact that they can stay thousands of miles away, in other states.

  • Cookies. 

These are text files saved on a computer by websites to speed things up. Cookies contain:

  1. browser history
  2. lists of visited pages
  3. shopping carts items
  4. logins and passwords (encrypted)
  5. number of clicks and transitions to third-party resources.
  • Cell towers.

When users buy dynamic mobile proxies, they connect to the Web via usual cell towers. The geo location depends on the area where geo targeted proxies are. Their geolocation is more accurate thanks to cell towers and GPS. And if you buy residential IP, Wi-Fi increases the accuracy.

Geo targeting displays ads according to a whole set of factors. That’s how it differs from geofencing. Geofencing doesn’t take into account the cookies or other meta-data. The only thing that matters for it is geolocation. So geofencing is a less efficient algorithm in most cases.

What do we need geo targeting proxies for?

Geo targeting increases sales and traffic driven to a website. Buying residential and mobile proxies is the best option to use geo targeting. They make it possible to set a remote connection to the region with the target audience. Ways to use geo targeting include:

1. Marketing research.

You buy mobile proxies (or residential ones), choose a state, a city, and go online as a local Internet user. Search engines and online markets perceive such a connection as a client, and treat it with increased confidence. You collect data about competitors, prices and target audience in the area needed with no fear of blocking. So trusted proxy websites provide relevant data during the web data scraping.

2. SEO optimization.

Geo targeted proxies help collecting data needed to promote a website in search engines. The proxy site user collects web page ratings, as well as popular queries, and Google indexes. It is necessary to bring more traffic to the website.

3. Advertisement campaigns.

Researchers evaluate the searching requests in a specific city or country with rotating proxies. Then a Marketing department runs ads for residents of a particular area. Geo targeting advertising works more effectively, and saves the company's budget. We offer to buy the best residential and mobile proxies geo located in 100+ countries. IPs may work as static or rotating proxies.

4. Checking ads.

Buying a residential IP incurs some costs. It’s irrelevant considering how vast losses could be, if an advertising campaign goes wrong. A company pays for advertising, but it has no effect. All the fancy banners and videos are shown to people who are not interested in advertised products at all. It can happen not only because calculations were done wrong, but due to careless campaign performance.

All a customer needs not to break the bank is to control the placement, quality and geo targeting of advertisements. A trusted proxy website serves mobile proxies that help to do it. 

Competitor sites are also able to lure traffic to themselves stealing your marketing strategies and ideas. With geo targeted proxies you can hide ads from specific competing websites.

5. Social media management.

No matter where you’re, proxies allow you to access social networks and advertising sites. Local restrictions or anti-botting measures are not a hindrance! You can buy our dynamic proxies. They have rotating external IPs, so proxies look for a Facebook, Amazon or Supreme as a number of ordinary users connecting to the resources.

Rotating geo targeted proxies reduce the likelihood of getting banned. Usually every social network account uses a separate proxy port. So you can simultaneously work with different social networks and online stores.

What are the types of geo targeted proxies?

For geo targeted proxies without the ASN code of data centers suit the most. These are residential and mobile proxies. To buy such IPs is not a problem, because the supply on a proxy market is enormous. All you need is to find a trusted proxy website. Geo targeted proxies are:

  • Residential and Mobile
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Dedicated and Shared Proxies
  • Static and Dynamic proxies.

It is better to buy dynamic proxies with IP rotation. It protects IP and accounts from flagging while doing data parsing or running multi accounts at the same time. The best residential and mobile proxies you can buy on our site change IPs on a timer, with each new connection, at the direct request or through the API. Geo targeting is available for thousands of cities in 100+ countries.

Geo targeted proxies from Astro 

We serve individual proxies that provide low ping connections and 99.9% uptime. All proxies are legal, and all the features are available at no extra charge. These are:

  1. the choice of protocol (HTTPS or SOCKS5)
  2. dynamic or static IP character
  3. API command module
  4. compatibility with different software, incl. parsers, scraping algorithms, anti-detect browsers, etc. 

Our dynamic updatable proxies are easy to buy and set up. All functions are located on one dashboard. On a single page you can choose a geo location, proxy type and amount of traffic. All statistics on proxy use and a wallet are also available there. 

For those who have bought geo targeted proxies, IP changing is available within the same IP pool of city, country or ISP. We provide a free proxy test with no no limits on time, IP pools or features of our trusted proxy website.

Astro is a comfortable and effective way to use geo targeted proxies in all known advertising systems. Buy our dynamic proxies, and see for yourself!


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