How to choose the best proxies for business?

22 April 2022

Modern business processes can’t be performed successfully out of the Internet. And all jobs performed using the Web must be secure from lack of personal data or your “know-how”. It’s also necessary to be aware of the market situation.

The only way to do so is to buy residential and mobile proxies, or best datacenter proxies, depending on the goals you have. And only trusted proxy websites can guarantee you great results. But how to choose the right proxy provider? We’ve found out and formulated 4 simple rules to do so.

Know exactly what you’re going to do

Proxy servers are needed at different stages of running a business, from planning jobs and hiring personnel to production and delivering finished goods and services to your clients. The type of proxy you need to buy depends on the type of work awaits.

E.g., best datacenter proxies could help you at scraping relevant data about your competitors and average prices on the market. These proxies are fast enough, have high uptime and aren’t blacklisted if purchased at only trusted proxy websites.

Also, a trustworthy proxy network provides its clients with all necessary information and 24/7 support. We are worthily proud of our support, ready to consult you about proxy types suitable for your goals, to solve a problem, or provide you access to a free proxy test.

Find a service with a wide proxies’ geolocation

Access to a wide range of geo targeted proxies is necessary for many occasions. To find a target audience and make people aware of your business, you need to run an advertisement campaign properly and check its result afterwards. So you should buy residential and mobile proxies that suit best for such goals. The more geo locations around the world are covered with proxies, the more opportunities you have for expanding your business. Astro offers proxies located in the US, South America, Europe and Asia. We operate a pool of more than million IP addresses in dozens of countries. There are no local restrictions you can’t handle, nor violations of your brand’s properties you can’t notice.

Be sure about the reliability of proxies

Any task performed using proxies should be finished. Speed drops, obtaining bans, getting into blacklists of search engines such as Google or marketplaces as an Amazon are issues that slow down your business restraining it from developing and succeeding. A service promising you the best datacenter proxies must maintain them constantly getting rid of compromised ones. 

The rotating proxies are more preferable because they could be changed any time you need. It helps to keep anonymity and be trusted by web services highly. Internet algorithms don’t mark you as suspicious and don’t bother you with captchas. All our proxies are dynamic, easy-to-set and private. No one could interfere in your working processes and 

Avoid unnecessary restrictions

There is a common situation when clients are obliged to pay for every IP address, or traffic is limited secretly. Our company provides you with a whole-range access to an entire pool of IPs with a transparent pricing policy. You always know how much it costs to buy a residential IP with particular characteristics. All information about your proxies and traffic left could be easily found at your personal page. 

As you see, there’s no need to be in the dark about choosing trusted proxy websites for your business. Just get as much information as possible before the deal, and make the right choice in favor of Astro.


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