How to connect Astro to Kameleo

01 September 2022

Astro is a web data gathering infrastructure. We offer to buy dedicated proxies based on trusted ISPs and real end-user IPs. Compliance with KYC and AML policies makes our platform accepted as a trusted proxy website. It raises the speed and level of reliability during data harvesting.

Still, there are obstacles for work that even 4g mobile proxies can’t get over. Websites make issues restricting access to the IPs recognised as proxies. Online algorithms use so-called “digital fingerprints” which every device on the Internet has. It is a set of individual characteristics of a laptop or smartphone. Such as:

  • IP address
  • browser type
  • operating system
  • geolocation and timezone
  • language and fonts
  • WebGL and Canvas capabilities
  • video card and RAM details, etc.

Our geo targeted proxies safely mask the IP, but can’t hide all the characteristics of digital fingerprint. That’s when antidetect browser Kameleo comes in.

What is Kameleo?

Kameleo is presented as a “Stealth Browsing Platform”. It creates virtual browser profiles. You can run hundreds of them at the same time. Each profile will be perceived by webpages as a separate device. The most safe practice is to buy dedicated proxies from trusted proxy websites, and connect one proxy IP to one profile. 

Antidetect browsers are used by:

  1. Web developers — to test sites and software before release
  2. Marketing agencies — to collect information about competitors, ad campaigns, etc
  3. Web extraction experts — to gather data for web analytics and research online.

The main features of Kameleo are:

  • Mobile and desktop profiles imitating Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android-based devices.
  • Kameleo Mobile App to create authentic mobile iOS and Android fingerprints.
  • 4 browsers to choose from: Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.
  • Separate tools to make virtual profiles unique: IP Check, IP to Timezone, Location Selector.
  • Cookies Cloning mechanism to Export/Import Cookies from one profile to others.
  • Additional algorithm to reduce the chance of proxy detection called “Intelligent Canvas Spoofing”.
  • Automation frameworks compatibility via API, incl. Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright.
  • DIstinct API-starting repositories available for .NET developers (NuGet), for NodeJS developers (NPM), and for Python developers.

What proxies does Kameleo Platform support?

Stealth Browsing Platform supports HTTP / HTTPS, SOCKS5 and SSH proxies. Our proxies are 100% compatible with HTTPS and SOCKS5. Every IP you order comes with two ports available. One (1) is for HTTPS connection, and the second (2) is based on SOCKS5 protocol. Take a look at the picture below.

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

Choose the protocol of geo targeted proxies according to the task you are performing. Mind the 5% discount you are entitled to get with promocode KAMELEO. Enter it on the “Order port” page.

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

Here we use the residential IP located in New York, US. You can be confident in the highest level of safety when you buy our dedicated proxies.

How to integrate AstroProxies into the Kameleo Platform?

Kameleo offers three pricing plans with 15% discount for semi-annual payment. We also sell traffic packages from 10 Gb with increasing discount for all geo targeted proxies. 

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

1. Choose a suitable pricing plan, download the Kameleo client, install, and run it. Enter login and password. There is also the .exe client without a graphical shell. You can run it with automation frameworks.

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

2. There is the main page of Dashboard. Press “+” or “New profile” to create a new virtual profile.

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

3. It is a Base Profiles page with the list of real browser fingerprints. There are thousands of presets to choose from. Feel free to hit the “Refresh” button to get more fingerprints. Specify a Device type, OS, Browser, and Language of the future fingerprint. E.g. Chrome browser running on macOS device. 

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4. Kameleo can boast detailed settings for every aspect of virtual fingerprint. While our trusted proxy website hides the users’ real IP, the stealth browsing platform masks all the rest. You can set up Canvas, Web GL, time zone and geolocation. The handy pop-ups help to learn more about every feature. We’ll leave the default settings, because most of them will be determined by proxy. 

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

5. Have a look at the “Connection” tab. You can add only one type of proxy at once, HTTP(S) or SOCKS5. SSH is an encrypted channel based on VPS. It’s used rarely and suits for a limited number of tasks. We’ll use the HTTPS protocol as an example.

6. Enter the dashboard on and click an icon to copy IP address (1) to the clipboard. Then enter the HTTP(S) port (2) to the appropriate box of Kameleo interface. Turn on Authentication and enter proxy login and pass (3) to Kameleo.

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

7. Leave WebRTC spoofing “Automatic” by default, it’ll be based on IP address. Click the “Test proxy” button. If everything is done right, you will see “Proxy works!” message. Click “OK” to save the profile or “START” to run the profile immediately.

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

8. Check your geolocation. It matches the characteristics of declared IP.

How to connect Astro to Kameleo

<How to connect Astro to Kameleo

All our proxies are compatible with Kameleo no matter what IP type you use. It can be residential, datacenter or 4g mobile proxies. We have a wide range of pricing plans for all geo targeted proxies, and prices are reasonable. 

Enjoy our services with the Kameleo Stealth Browser Platform!


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