Mobile network proxies for social media efforts

04 December 2023

Typically, a mobile network proxy is just an intermediate link processing your Internet traffic and query via someone’s cell phone. This simplicity notwithstanding, the scope of tasks it can resolve is enormous. If you collaborate with a trusted proxy website and use tools of this class, you will be provided with needed privacy. The latter will enable you to: 

  • Run several accounts of social media;  
  • Bypass spam-related safeguards; 
  • Boost likes and followers; 
  • Protect yourself against cybercrime;  
  • Avoid time-consuming and tedious captchas. 

Mobile network proxies and social platforms 

SMM specialists normally need to use multiple accounts, to say the least, a personal and a professional one. Also, active social media marketers, as a rule, are responsible for several products and brands. What makes matters even more complicated, companies routinely operate with multiple platforms at once. All these issues have an important thing in common. It is the danger of being blacklisted with your IP for multi-accounting.  


Social networks are getting stricter all the time. Many do not allow using a single IP for more than 5 accounts. Exceeding this limit puts you at risk. Mobile network proxies are a remedy for this danger. With a trusted proxy website dozens of accounts can be used via dynamic and rotating proxy solutions. Collaborating with Astro will greatly facilitate your SMM efforts, with all addresses available via an intuitive and easily accessible dashboard.

Data harvesting for market research  

Social media platforms are an invaluable source of reliable data concerning preferences, inclinations, human behavior patterns, and social trends. Collecting this information is a must for wall-planned and data-driven marketing campaigns. Both individual and entire target group profiles are within your reach.

At the same time, all major social media platforms are increasingly concerned about user privacy and sensitive data protection. Partly, it is their own intention. Partly, they have to do so, as they face strict legislation by their governments. To meet this requirement, they apply various protection mechanisms. 

These safeguards are capable of recognizing automated data-harvesting activities. First, they detect suspicious requests. Second, they simply blacklist their source, i.e. your IP.  

A/B Tests 

The domain of social media marketing is extremely competitive. Cost-efficiency and optimized settings are needed to survive this cut-throat competition. Having several social media accounts at your disposal, on the same platform, enables you to hold well-thought-out A/B tests to find the most effective creatives. Mobile network proxies make it possible. 

Social media automation

One of the main advantages of Astro is that our ecosystem is compatible with third-party automation tools and services. Hence, with our trusted proxy website, you can automate the way you open new accounts, make schedules for posts, and even answer your followers.

Wrapping up 

To sum up, mobile network proxies generate an extra layer of privacy and protection with their IP addresses. Via them, one can open and run multiple social media accounts, collect data concerning your rivals and consumers, test marketing creatives, and more. Reach out to the Astro team and boost your efficiency on social media with our proxy solutions. Free proxy trial is always available for newcomers! 


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