How to choose the best mobile proxies

30 June 2022

Mobile proxies are the most up-to-date proxies you can buy. They are most trusted by websites and search engines. The probability of being blacklisted or getting banned while using a proxy of this type from trusted proxy websites is low. And according to this indicator, mobile proxies are preferable to datacenter and even residential proxies.

Today we will talk in detail about mobile proxies. We’ll answer the questions: what are they, how do they work, and what types of Internet activities do these geo targeted proxies suit for.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a system of network hardware and software that acts as an intermediary, when a user connects to the Internet. All requests go through a proxy, which partially or completely hides the user's real IP address, replacing it with its own. As a result, the website sees the proxy server, and not the one who uses it. It is necessary for safe surfing, obtaining relevant information from a distinct city or country, as well as working with social networks. It is necessary to buy residential and mobile proxies, or search for best datacenter proxies on trusted proxy websites only. It will keep your device and personal data safe.

What is special about mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies are connected to the Internet not through data centers or domestic internet service providers. No prizes for guessing the connection is established through mobile carriers. Their IPs are the addresses of common cellular devices. Websites detect such a connection as someone entering the Web via smartphone, or PC tablet. If you buy mobile proxies, you’ll get dynamic rotating IPs. It gives scope for web data gathering and dissemination, and helps to avoid operational constraints.

Mobile geo targeted proxies are the most trusted. Website security systems are ready to ignore numerous requests coming from one IP address in a short period of time. Even best datacenter proxies will be flagged for such activity. Datacenter proxies can be faster at running parsers or other automated algorithms. But this software generates a large data stream, which is suspicious from the anti-botting system point of view. So a datacenter IP will be easily blocked.

The thing is cellular networks use CGNAT technology (Carrier Grade Network Address Translation). This is an opportunity for hundreds of mobile devices to access the network using one IP address.

There is a limited number of IPv4 addresses on the Internet, only about 4 billion. Mobile operators can operate only part of it, and the number of users is far from it. As a result, dozens (and at peak times, hundreds) of clients receive one IP. They have the same external (so called "white") IPv4 address, and different internal ("gray") addresses. For Internet services and sites in such cases, all users look like one. 

Therefore, it’s normal for mobile carriers to get a large number of requests from one address, or detect the simultaneous use of several accounts in one social network with one IP. Hence the tolerant attitude of the site's security systems to mobile proxies. Resources don’t block proxy addresses, because then dozens of ordinary cellular users with the same IP will be blacklisted. It makes mobile proxies an appealing choice.

When you buy residential and mobile proxies, you get a possibility to change IPs. For mobile proxies it’is required by the architecture of the cellular networks. Each mobile internet provider sets the duration of the Internet session, after which the external address of the phone, GPS modem or tablet changes. Also, the signal can weaken, or the device can be turned off. Smartphones often move between cell towers, and all these things are reasons to change the IP. So mobile proxies are dynamic by default. Trusted proxy websites such as Astro change IPs automatically, or provide an opportunity to do it manually.

Regardless of whether a PC or laptop is used with a mobile proxy, the network marks the connection as having a mobile IP. And it increases the level of trust.

How mobile proxies work

There are two types of mobile proxies you can buy.

1. GSM/LTE farms

It’s a set of USB modems connected to one server and run by special software. The number of modems varies from two to one hundred, or more, depending on the capacity of the server. The connection is via mobile 4G internet. Through a router each modem shares an IP address with the user. 

These are individual proxies located on the same subnet. They work stably and don’t have the disadvantages of datacenter proxies, such as a static IP. Mobile proxy farms are suitable for users who want to buy high-trusted mobile proxies, but do not need a pool of geo targeted proxies located in many areas.

2. Mobile devices of real users

These are smartphones, tablets and laptops connected to the Web via mobile carriers. Devices have a special software installed that turns them into mobile proxy nodes. Proxy service providers conclude a proxy lease agreement with the owners of the devices. 

This method creates extensive subnets of geo targeted proxies located in different cities or countries. Mobile proxies of this type may be dependent on the quality of the cellular signal, the time of day, and the actions of the owners. But trusted proxy websites use automated change of IPs between proxy nodes. So users get a stable connection via dynamic mobile proxies.

Mobile proxies usage

Mobile proxies are useful for the following purposes:

1. Running multiple social media accounts simultaneously

SMM-specialists create accounts on social networking websites, gain followers, and administer accounts. Celebrities and influencers on YouTube and Instagram do the same things. 

Usually webpages are against multi accounts running with the only IP, and flag or dispense such accounts. Those users who buy mobile proxies avoid it due to CGNAT technology. As one IP is used by many devices, such actions cause much less suspicion in the security systems of social networks and marketplaces. 

2. Software testing

Software developers check the usability, and stability of their apps and technologies designed for on mobile devices. To test PC or Mac technologies programmers buy residential proxies, and mobile IPs are useful for all other cases. Web algorithms evaluate the connected PCs as mobile devices, and provide data optimized for smartphones. It helps to check how the software looks and works on the "native" platform.

3. Market analysis

Successful business depends on complete knowledge of competitors. So marketing experts and SEO specialists choose trading strategies, look for popular queries in Google, study prices and the range of Amazon and its online stores. 

Doing this one device sends and receives thousands of requests. But one mobile IP already serves many devices. And everyone sends requests to the Internet. Therefore, marketplaces and search engines see no reason to prevent proxy activity done via mobile proxies.

4. Control of advertising campaigns

Advertising experts check how successful their campaigns are. They examine whether ad banners and videos are displayed correctly, or whether the right target audience has been chosen. It is also important to set a place, time and type of advertising correctly. Mobile proxies help to get localized content for it. 

A quality is over quantity here, so mobile proxies are preferable than the best datacenter proxies. So companies save money, and users get rid of unnecessary ad pop ups.

Benefits of Astro

  • Maximum connection speed

Due to the intelligent algorithms of our site, users have at their disposal private proxies with a low-ping. They are based on the LTE / 4G network.

  • Wide range of IPs geolocation 

We serve an extensive network of proxies in 50+ countries in Europe, Asia South and North America. And the number of geolocations is constantly increasing. Users can set a preferable city, and even a mobile carrier to work with. It means an access to localized relevant data.

  • Rotating proxies 

Our proxy service provides a function of IP change for all types of proxies. No matter what you buy, residential and mobile proxies, or our best datacenter proxies. They all have dynamic IP addresses. 

The thing is when IP is changed, an address is issued from the same geolocation and the same provider, if it is set in the account. But with the mobile proxies bought you reduce to minimum the probability of falling under the suspicion of anti-fraud and anti-cheat systems. The frequency of IP change with each connection is also configured.

  • Reasonable, flexible pricing

We offer to rent mobile proxies for favourable prices. A pool of mobile IPs with a choice of geolocation costs from $1.6 per 100 Mb. As traffic increases, discounts also increase. You can pay as you go, or get a rate with unlimited traffic. Our affiliate program will replenish your account and even help you earn.

  • Work automation

You can integrate our mobile proxies and software easily. Use the API commands available in your personal account. Change geolocation, IP, obtain data about the current balance or proxy costs, etc. with two clicks. Configure API for your needs and test it. You’ll get ready-made PHP and HTTP codes.

  • Versatility

Mobile proxies are all-around instruments. It’s suitable for web traffic arbitrage, running multiple accounts, web data parsing, copyright protection, and software testing. Proxies are compatible with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols to choose from at no extra charge.

  • Professional customer support

Our experts will help to cope with any possible issues fast, and also act as advisors. Our support can tell you what type of proxies to choose, what settings and what software to use, and will guide you through the settings menu, if you need.

Mobile proxies are a reliable and modern tool. Have a free proxy test, and make sure that buying our mobile proxies is the right decision!


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