Web data and AI for travel companies

29 March 2023


Astro, as a reliable partner in terms of data harvesting, is routinely approached by travel companies. Their main aim is to request a paid proxy free trial or buy geo targeted proxies outright to collect web data. After that, many of our users from this group either apply this data to train their AI-based tools or “feed” this info to their already trained ones. This new technological approach provides them with some important competitive edge. Today, we will discuss it.  

AI tools and web data scraped with geo targeted proxies

There are many areas where travel companies can unleash the potential of AI. The main prerequisite for such usage is to properly train your intelligent tools with web data, which can be best harvested if you buy residential IPs. If you do so, here is what you can do.

1. Personalized recommendation engines

This direction is self-evident. Being able to provide tailored-fit options for potential tourists can be a serious boost to sales. Thus, automated recommendations pertinent to customer info is a game changer when it comes to initial sales, loyalty programs, promotions, upselling, and keeping buyers satisfied.

2. Sentiment analysis on social media

Many customers contact us to buy proxies for social networks. Indeed, socials never sleep and are discussing your travel company, airline, and hotel 24/7, with no breaks. AI-tools processing countless data ranges and outlining your reputation are not sci-fi anymore, this is reality. 

3. Forecasting ticket fares and hotel prices 

Being cost-effective in the travel market can be a real challenge. Tech-savvy potential tourists are continuously searching for the best available deals, while travel agencies, hotels, and airlines have to offer discounts. To make money, market players have to strike a perfect balance between these poles in terms of pricing. Both structured and unstructured data (e.g. historical) — which can be easily scraped if you purchase geo targeted proxies or, say, buy proxies for social networks — can help you build reliable models and projections. 

4. Voice-based chatbots, assistants, and customer support 

The domain of tourism is a segment where an on-demand 24/7 customer support service can play a crucial role. Having a chance to resolve any issue or get needed answers on the go and late at night will be a great pro for your clients. One more advantage is that chatbots are free from human error and cannot be affected by travelers’ negative emotions. To obtain and tune such a chatbot, however, you need AI software trained on an enormous amount of web data. 

5. Facial recognition potential 

Facial recognition is a popular way to go not only in the context of security. For instance, one can significantly save time and labor costs as well as to significantly speed up all the processes when it comes to checking-in and getting in-room services. And once again, to mitigate the risk of mistakes and test such self-service tools, one needs a lot of web data, which can be easily and risk-free obtained if you choose Astro’s paid proxy free trial or geo targeted proxies.

Wrapping up the reasons to buy residential IPs for AI

In the modern economy, data is both the new gold and oil. Such a competitive industry as tourism mandates high data efficiency and usage of AI-fueled tools. Otherwise, no company can survive and grow. To drive more value, companies are to offer personalized recommendations, promote smart self-services, analyze opinions, capitalize on intelligent voice-based technologies, and gain data-driven insights. Each of these types presupposes data harvesting. The Astro team is ever-ready to support your web scraping efforts with our paid proxy free trial for new customers and various combinations of geo targeted proxies. We are in particular proud of our efficiency in the field of social platforms, so do not hesitate to buy proxies for social networks.


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