Business use cases to buy residential and mobile proxies

29 August 2022

Whenever a business contemplates whether it needs to buy residential and mobile proxies, the question is whether one really should spend money on them. Effectively, companies buy residential IPs functioning as geo targeted proxies to use those addresses instead of their own ones. Benefits of this type of investment are not obvious. However, they look significant if one dives deeper..

What are residential proxies?

One can understand residential proxies as intermediary servers linking users with the pages they use. Within that framework, residential proxies use IP addresses not that are not associated either with ISPs (aka Internet Service Providers) or data centers. Instead, behind any residential proxy offered in the market, there is a real and functional device, either mobile or desktop one. These devices indicate a particular geographical location. That is what business gets when it decides to buy residential IPs. Its web traffic will look like queries from ordinary people living there. Thus, properly geo targeted proxies are protected against blocks. 

Why buy residential and mobile proxies for business?

Use cases when users buy residential IPs ensure the following advantages. 

Web scraping 

Web scraping is an effective technique of obtaining marketing and business-related data. Technically, users launch bots (aka scrapers) sending queries to a website that contains needed info, e.g. contacts, prices, reviews, and other. Such info is extracted, processed, and delivered to the bot owner. While this business practice is mostly legal, website owners normally do not want their websites to be scanned, and protect themselves. Buying residential proxies enables scraper owners to bypass those obstacles. 

Access to restricted content and better prices 

Three issues are relevant in this respect when it comes to buying residential and mobile proxies: 

  • First, some governments restrict access to certain content in their jurisdictions;
  • Likewise, many service providers and product vendors follow suit and restrict access to their offerings in particular countries;
  • In addition, prices available across various countries might also be differentiated. All a business needs to do to get access to restricted content or lower prices is to use the best-matching IP address associated with a needed location. Residential proxies make it possible.

Verification of ads 

If website owners monetize their web presences by placing ads on it, it is a must to verify what is exactly displayed across all the possible locations. The case is that many advertising platforms responsible for running advertisements violate their own Terms and Conditions by placing irrelevant, misleading, or even illegal ads with malicious content. Buy residential IPs to make it possible to see how a website looks from the countries where its users reside.

Significant social media management potential

All prominent social networks, for instance Twitter or Google, do not like when too many accounts and, subsequently, campaigns are launched and managed from the same IP address. Buying residential proxies is a perfect option to resolve this issue of using a single location and devices for multiple social media efforts across the entire globe. 

Whatever your current business challenge is, Astro can serve as your reliable partner. By offering a global network of geo targeted proxies dispersed all over the world, our company makes it possible for you to use any combination of them to achieve any possible goal. With it, all chosen proxies will be easily accessible and visible via a single panel, while providing flexible settings. Start a free trial and see it for yourself. 



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