Cost-effective data harvesting

08 December 2022

Being a business person is about making money. One needs to earn more than spend. In terms of data-harvesting, you are to invest as little as possible to collect as much data as possible. This is the chief concern when you use geo targeted proxies and trusted proxy websites. We will discuss several important factors at play and ways to be economical. The most logical step would be to examine the obstacles on the way to a successful data-harvesting session.   

Dynamic sites

Most web pages function on a JavaScript basis. This language is a great tool for site owners and an occasional headache for data-harvesters. The case is that, during a harvesting session, your program sends an HTTP query to a server of interest. After that, some info, in the HTML format, is obtained in response. Sometimes, this early response does not give you any helpful data at all, as the page of interest might rely by loading additional pieces of information, with slight delays, while performing a browser-related JS script. 

The best remedy in this respect is to apply a headless browser. It will enable you to collect data loaded by JavaScript. Geo targeted proxies offered by Astro, as a trusted proxy website, are perfectly compatible with an entire range of third-party tools of this class.   

Server restrictions

When it comes to server-layer restrictions, one should mention: 

1. Header checks


3. Last but not the least, IP bans.

Header checks

HTTP headers are the primary point of interest for websites when they attempt to differentiate data-harvesters from ordinary visitors. The key mission of any header is to enhance the exchange of request details between a visitor’s browser and the website’s server. Normally, headers contain such data as preferred language options, compression algorithms, OS-related info. As such, they are not unique. However, a mix of headers and cookie files, constituting a user fingerprint, is. To address this issue, use geo targeted proxies provided by Astro together with an antidetect browser, such as Incogniton.  


CAPTCHAs are one more safeguard used by websites against legit data-harvesters. If a website finds you suspicious, because of your header for instance, it will make you complete it. CAPTCHAs and reCAPTCHAs may be one of the responses that the targeted servers will apply if you fail the header check. Dealing with this issue can also be simplified by trusted proxy websites. With Astro, you can submit adequate header data (see above, the fingerprint thing) and specify optimal intervals between queries. 

IP blocks

IP blocks are the last resort to blacklist potential data-harvesters. You’d better prevent this issue from arising than spend money and resources on eliminating its consequences. Happily, trusted proxy websites give you access to extensive pools of rotating proxies with versatile IP addresses to avoid it.   

Proxy solutions 

Being an advanced proxy ecosystem, Astro will enable you to effectively resolve all these issues. Running an entire infrastructure of residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies, it will help you save time, money, and effort you would have otherwise to spend on hiring highly-qualified staff, equipment for in-house use, and manual activities. All the IPs we offer are provided by legit, ethical, and whitelisted sources. With us, as your platform of choice, you will avoid all aforementioned issues, collect needed data quickly, and will be in the right position to focus on what matters. Free trial period is offered to newcomers. 


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