Entering 2023 with the Astro infrastructure

23 December 2022

Throughout the past year, Astro has been there for you. We have been giving you access to the best datacenter proxies as well reliable mobile network proxies together with flexible residential proxies. Also, we have been enabling our numerous users to generate passive income with a top-notch program for referrals. And last but not the least, home and cell phone users can monetize their addresses all over the world. That’s a lot!  

In 2023, we will keep on serving your needs related to web data harvesting, cost-effective procurement on the Net, SEO and digital marketing efforts, privacy, and all other tasks legit proxy users face. Our pool of addresses will get wider, our geographic scope will get broader, and our users even more content. 

2022 achievements Astro takes particular pride in

What are our achievements of the year 2022 that we take particular pride in? To name a few:

  • We are a 100% legit trusted proxy website applying all needed AML and KYC standards; 
  • Our settings and filters enable users to build an ideal mix even for the most challenging scenarios, such as buying sneakers for reselling. Judge for yourself, with us, you can group addresses not only by cities and countries, but also AS and ISPs. As for IP rotation options, they are available both at certain moments, on the basis of intervals, and upon your direct specific request;
  • Uptime of our trusted proxy website and infrastructure is a high as 99%;
  • Universal compatibility with all needed protocols and popular tools to automate your work on the web;
  • Finally, our referral program is known as one of the most lucrative on the Net! 

Further, all the high global inflations rates notwithstanding, our business efficiency enables us to keep our prices low: 

  • Mobile network proxies start at $13.14 per one Gb and $0.3 per port
  • Residential proxies start at $7.3 per one1 Gb and $0.3 per port
  • Also, our best datacenter proxies start at $3.65 per one Gb and, again, $0.3 per port.

Things to remember about proxies in 2023

Before we start celebrating, let’s refresh our memory about the key properties of proxies as of today:

  1. The best datacenter proxies constitute the simplest choice for users. They are notable for their stable work, entry-level pricing plans, and great availability. However, using them with any prominent website that takes cybersecurity seriously and pays attention to the reputation of an IP means risks. All these addresses are easily identifiable and can be easily red-flagged at any moment of time. 
  2. Concerning residential proxies, they are less costly than mobile network proxies, but still more expensive than the datacenter-based ones. While being less speedy and stable than that counterpart, they function relatively well. The average success rate across the industry is around 90%. So you can resort to using them without hesitation. As of now, their quality-rotation-price ratio is almost perfect. 
  3. Mobile network proxies are the most expensive way to go. On top of that, one also needs to remember that carriers’ connection is not universally well. Thus, connection errors are always possible. At the same time, they offer the best possible potential to mask your real IP address.   

Best wishes from Astro 

Whatever your choice and eventual combination of proxies may be, our trusted proxy website wishes you insightful data scraping sessions, high connection speed, and no cases of red-flagging! Our team is always with you to help! If you face any difficulties with our proxies in 2023, contact our customer support service. Astro is there to help! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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