Keeping your corporate data safe with Astro

07 November 2022

As a major proxy ecosystem, easily testable and trusted proxy website, Astro is well aware of how important it is for businesses to keep their data safe and protected. Today, we will discuss several ways you can enhance your data security by buying residential and mobile proxies or, alternatively, the best datacenter proxies.  

Some tech basics 

All proxies in existence are devices and pieces of equipment that handle user requests sent by users to the Net and vice versa. Whenever you try to access a page on the Internet, your request is sent, and processed before sending, via a proxy. In a similar fashion, the response will also pass through a proxy before you receive it. While handling these queries, in both directions, the proxy replaces your real IP with its own one. This fact generates a lot of advantages in terms of data safety if you collaborate with a trusted proxy website. 

Proxies at work to protect your corporate data

  • Masking your devices 

The fact that your IP is hidden is a compelling reason why you should buy residential and mobile proxies, or, alternatively, the best datacenter proxies. The case is that any IP can tell a tech-savvy person a lot more than just a combination of digits and dots, including:

  1. The city or locality you operate from; 
  2. Frequency and destinations of your web sessions;
  3. The type of device you make use of for web surfing. 

This info can suffice to monitor your web behavior patterns, record your actions, and subsequently identify the main vulnerabilities associated with your network. By adding one more extra layer to your activities on the web, you effectively mitigate these risks. 

  • A shield against hacking attempts 

Let’s assume someone tries to overwhelm your corporate network with unusually high traffic volumes your servers are physically unable to deal with. Correspondingly, your servers might crush for a while. This in turn will generate vulnerabilities hackers will try to exploit. 

Proxies will fend this threat off. If they function, they act as shields that stand in the breach/ For sure, even the best datacenter proxies may crush in this situation. However, they will not allow a full-scale intrusion to take place. As an outcome, your corporate infrastructure will remain standing, no matter how serious a DDos attempt may be.  

  • Content filtering 

A trusted proxy website can also assume responsibility for scanning your incoming traffic. For instance, truly advanced proxy solutions are in the right position to check emails, including phishing ones, and other harmful links with malicious content that, potentially, do harm to your workflows and malicious infrastructure. 

  • Access management  

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, proxies are capable of functioning as gateways to control access to your resources. Namely, a proxy solution can control access to certain network segments. What is of particular importance is that both your in-house users, i.e. your own employees, and external players can be kept at bay.  

  • Monitoring and encryption 

If you use the best datacenter proxies as a single point of entry into your own network as well as the external Net. It means you can specify who, when, and via what devices can work with your data. On top of that, if you resort to reverse proxy solutions (aka backconnect proxies), i.e. proxies working behind your company’s firewalls, you can redirect incoming requests from external users to your in-house facilities. At this stage, all traffic can be easily encrypted to match even higher safety standards.  

As you can see, trusted proxy websites are a helpful tool when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. In fact, spending money on proxies is not about costs, it is about investments. Astro would be happy to help you with any applicable issue! Free trial is available for all new users. Start protecting your data today! 

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