Proxies for e-commerce

10 September 2022

Usage of geo targeted proxies in business and eCommerce in particular, gives any online store project a competitive edge. While the most obvious one is web scraping, making it possible to learn more about one’s business rivals, their prices, and audiences, there are more benefits than simple data aggregating. Exploring them in greater depth clearly shows that one of the best investments for any eCommerce business is to buy residential and mobile proxies. Proxies are not that expensive. In return, eCommerce businesses reveal new horizons across a variety of dimensions.

Buy residential and mobile proxies to control your network

Proxies are good for controling your staff. Any trusted proxy website is likely to mention this advantage. Sometimes, in-house staff members might be the source of the highest risk for an eCommerce project. They can unintentionally visit a suspicious and harmful website or click on a malicious link. In this case, data will leak and the IT system will get compromised. Even worse, some of the team members might even deliberately share sensitive information by uploading it somewhere on the Internet. Buying residential and mobile proxies solves this problem: 

  1. First, because proxies work as a shield blocking any potential access to harmful pages; 
  2. Second, they function as a sort of recording hub so that businesses can track what pages are frequented by their employees. 

Protection of identity and anonymity 

Knowledge is power. It holds true for cyber criminals as well. Knowing what your real IP is not only indicates your actual physical location, it also gives criminals an opportunity to attack the IT systems. That is why keeping IP addresses hidden all the time is always a good idea. Buy residential and mobile proxies to conceal them and stay in full control. The best datacenter proxies can also be an option in this case. 

Another relevant aspect is that businesses can use geo targeted proxies not only to hide their locations but also to hide their activities. For example, if one is engaged in active research or development efforts, their competitors might learn about that by assessing the digital footprint left on the Web. Buying residential and mobile proxies is how eCommerce businesses can deal with this threat.

Boosted performance and well-balanced data load 

Speed and higher user convenience are the crucial considerations when it comes to potential clients of an eCommerce business. The best datacenter proxies, with caching capabilities, can boost the way eCommerce websites perform. With proper caching in place, it becomes possible to handle identical requests, stored in the cash, quicker and more effectively. As a result, proxy users can:

  • Reduce the time needed to process all the never-ending requests 
  • Save more money that would otherwise be spent on hardware.

On top of that, geo targeted proxies help balance traffic and prevent site crashes. Namely, proxy servers enable eCommerce businesses to create a new address serving as access points. As a result, the customer experience is propelled to a new level while keeping the website protected. 

Astro, as a trusted proxy provider, offers eCommerce businesses a network of residential and mobile proxies to buy and start capitalizing on. Our pricing starts at $0.3 per port. You can always claim a free trial from the tech support!

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