Review of Undetectable, an anti-detection browser

09 April 2024

Astro introduces Undetectable, an anti-detection web browsing solution envisioned to enhance online privacy by altering cyber trails. This encompasses IP addresses, digital fingerprints, language preferences, etc. As an infrastructure of geo targeted proxies, we take interest in tech options, boosting the efficiency of IP pools. Undetectable serves as a great example. 

Employing fingerprint switching technologies, Undetectable empowers end-users to seamlessly navigate various websites, bypassing potential restrictions and sidestepping tracking mechanisms. This extra focus on confidentiality sets them apart from, say, traditional VPNs or free simple datacenter proxies. Unlike them, when they merely modify IP addresses but might leave other identifiable data pieces exposed, Undetectable crafts comprehensive web shields.

I. Pros of Undetectable 

a. Lowered risks

One is free to store browser accounts locally on devices, in the cloud, or on own proprietary servers. In this fashion, people mitigate risks pertaining to third-party storage alternatives.

b. Frequent upgrades of the Chromium core

The Undetectable team consistently and swiftly updates the Chromium core to the most recent versions. This practice promises alignment with the most current and actual web standards, incorporating new security enhancements.

c. 99.99% uptime on an annual basis 

The Undetectable engineers have crafted a reliable and stable infrastructure, guaranteeing a 99.99% uptime, if measured on an annual basis.

II. Capabilities

The Undetectable browsing solution renders a diverse array of widely used features, including mass profile creation, cookie and geo targeted proxy (e.g. IPs from Astro) export and import managers, and more. In addition to these common ones, it also offers unparalleled functionalities such as a synchronizer and text input simulation.

1. Mass profile creation

Effortlessly generate hundreds of distinctive profiles by utilizing configurations or lists of user-agents, cookies, or a universal format (name, cookies, proxy-type, proxy, user-agents, notes). Achieve that with just a few clicks. 

Check out an informative and insightful YouTube guide dedicated to mass profile generation.

2. Cookie robotized assistant and popular website generator

Cookie farming involves artificially generating a browsing history across different websites to lend a virtual end-user profile a more authentic and less conspicuous appearance to tracking algorithms. The use of a cookie bot-assistant streamlines cookie farming processes by mimicking typical internet end-user behavior patterns. In Undetectable, this cookie helper is integrated with another service called the Popular Website Generator. This feature automatedly and randomly originates a list of popular internet resources, building upon selected locations.

As an outcome, just launch the cookies-bot. Pick up profiles, regions, and amounts of websites the assistant ought to visit. It will take care of anything else.

3. Synchronizer

This element enables one to concurrently control multiple browser profiles. From the second the synchronizer button is pressed, actions in the main window get replicated in other windows. For instance, typing text, activating fresh tabs, scrolling through social platforms, installing extensions, etc. Benefit from this for multitasking scenarios. 

4. Simplified export and import. Proxies, cookies, bookmarks

These points are of increased relevance for Astro’s role as an infrastructure of geo targeted proxies:  

The Undetectable browser can execute session and proxy transfer through various widely-used formats, such as JSON presented as macros;

A special manager for browser interactions with geo targeted proxies is also in place;

You have the option to utilize a distinct feature within the profile manager for importing bookmarks.

Set up unique combos per every situation.

5. Mass extension installation

The browser extension manager enables end-users to add extensions to all profiles simultaneously, remove, or deactivate them as needs arise. Adapt on the go.

6. Human-like pasting 

This functionality mimics human behavior during text pasting, enhancing browsing patterns to appear more authentic and organic. Simply copy the text and right-click on the intended field, then choose "Paste like a human". The Undetectable anti-detection browsing solution will then dynamically adjust paces and pauses during text pasting, closely resembling human actions and minimizing risks of recognition.

7. Automation and API

Utilizing dedicated libraries like Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium enables the automation of tasks within the Chromium browser (via an API accessible through Chrome’s DevTools Protocol). Refer to documentation for complete information. The API interacts seamlessly with Chromium flags. Robotize for success. 

III. Usability and amenities

This anti-detection browser is not only high-performing, but also optimized for convenient workflows within large teams. It comprises over 30 permission settings for group cooperation:

  • User role division. An Undetectable end-user with admin rights is able to create a role and assign a defined set of permissions and access rights to that unique role; 
  • Profile grouping. The Undetectable browsing solution makes it possible to group profiles, granting end-users access to multiple groups and broadening the possibilities of segmenting permissions for team members;
  • Cloud web panel. There, admins can not only manage roles, groups, and sessions but also monitor statuses of cloud profiles in real-time.

IV. Optimization

Undetectable is designed to seamlessly operate across different operating systems, offering three tailored-fit versions: one for Windows 10/11, another for devices powered by macOS with M1/M2 chips, and a third for macOS running on Intel processors.

Experience smooth productivity, even with extensive projects. Undetectable effortlessly handles the loading of over 5000 profiles within seconds. Additionally, it facilitates mass management of both cloud-based and local profiles.

V. Small but helpful extra features

Undetectable is a full-fledged toolbox in domains of anti-detection browsers. One can apply: 

  • Hotkeys; 
  • Intuitive account import via “Drag-and-Drop” manipulations; 
  • Notes and folders; 
  • Tags for navigation; 
  • A dark theme; 
  • Auto-cleaning of unnecessary cache, etc.

VI. Pricing 

The basic paid plan starts at just $49. And it gives end-users access to almost all features, encompassing unlimited local profiles. Check what all paid plans have in common:

  • Local profiles. All Undetectable browser plans allow one to create and use local profiles without any limitations imposed on quantities;
  • Cloud profiles. All Undetectable browser plans contain access to cloud profiles, but with different limits pertaining to selected tiers; 
  • Access to the configuration store. All Undetectable browser plans open entry to the configuration store that allows for extra purchases of browser fingerprints. Free configs’ updates are provided regularly, two times a week; 
  • Cookie file export. All Undetectable browser plans permit to export cookie files;
  • Mass profile creation. Mass profile creation functionality is available within all Undetectable browser plans;
  • Cookie warming bot. This capability is also obtainable within all Undetectable browser plans; 
  • Local API. All Undetectable browser plans offer it;
  • Browser extensions support. Accessible with all Undetectable browser plans, even the free one.


The Undetectable browser plans differ in amounts of cloud profiles, several export features, and numbers of end-users.

VII. Give Undetectable a try 

Register and download the Undetectable browsing solution from their official website. It is possible to begin with a free plan to test it in action with Astro’s geo targeted proxies. Use promotional code ASTROPROXY when paying and get a 20% rebate on the initial purchase of Undetectable licenses!


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