AstroProxy is among the most trusted proxy websites on the market. Our site may become a reliable tool of yours in many scopes of Internet activity. AstroProxy has edges over other proxy providers. We’ve already talked about the reasons to choose our service in our blog. And today we offer you a handy TOP 10 list of our best and most useful features.

1. Reasonable prices

Our pricing plans are among the most affordable. Despite this, it doesn’t affect the speed of connection or high uptime of our proxies. 

We adhere to the principle of availability of geo-targeted proxies to all segments of the businesses. Keeping our prices low gives a chance to start-ups and developing companies to constantly grow. If our users are doing well, they buy more residential and mobile proxies, so we’re doing well too. We run an honest business. Otherwise, you may always get a refund.

2. Maximum customization

Combine various proxy types with geo location and amounts of traffic you need. Set a rule for rotating your proxies if needed and integrate it with your software by API. 

You may configure our proxies to any needs you have. 

AstroProxy not only serves the best datacenter proxies (run by Softlayer, Rackspace and other reliable ISPs), but also offers residential proxies organized into the clusters. Whether you need to scrape web data from colleges, corporate networks, or travel hubs — it is possible with no doubts. Web crawlers, traffic bots, SEO tools — our proxies are capable to work with it

3. User-friendly and simple interface

We gathered all settings together in your personal account, on the same page. It’s easy to set up proxies, monitor the statistics of their usage and deposit funds to your balance. There’s no need to leave a page, or run additional software. Spare your time for more useful and pleasant things.

4. Instant access

You get your proxy immediately. Choose settings, click “Save” button, and start using your geo targeted proxies from a trusted proxy website. The thing is that you also get full-range access to all proxies matching parameters you indicated on an order form.

5. VPN-compatible proxies

Our proxies have a default option to work with VPN. Choose your OS from a drop-down list in a “Device Profile (Tunnel mode)” box. All traffic on this device will go through a VPN with no additional software settings. It is compatible with: 

  • Windows PC, 
  • MacBook, 
  • iPhones and iPads, 
  • Mikrotik routers,
  • Android-based devices (smartphones, tablets, TVs etc.).

An encrypted connection is based on one the most secured and popular protocol — OpenVPN.

6. Flexible rates

You only pay for the traffic you need. We offer to buy residential and mobile proxies, and best datacenter proxies with packages of traffic. The amount of traffic available varies from 100 Mb to 300 Gb. The bigger your order is, the larger discount you’ll get. 

Our pricing policy is transparent, you’ll always know what you pay for. The website automatically adjusts the price depending on features you’ve chosen. Check the form below while ordering proxies.

Also you could choose a pricing plan with unlimited traffic. And for the most thrifty users we offer a “pay as you go” system. You’ll pay only for the traffic spent. But keep in mind that ordering a traffic package could be more profitable. Every Mb paid this way is cheaper. 

Besides, you’ll never lose unused traffic! By default, your data package is valid for one month. And then you may renew it (manually, or automatically) with no sanctions or limitations. All your settings and unused traffic will be rescheduled for next month. The number of prolongations is unlimited. Don’t worry, all the residential and mobile proxies you’ve bought will be available anytime.

7. Fast problem solving

Our support team is presented by real proxy experts. They also work on developing and upgrading our system, so they know everything about the ways proxies work. They’ll handle any issue, give you advice on preferable proxy settings for your software, or help to choose a proxy that is the most appropriate to your goals. Support and feedback are available via email, Facebook, and Telegram. Feel free to ask our support for a free proxy trial.

8. HTTP and SOCKS compatibility

At the beginning of work with our service, you order a port. It is connected to a pool of proxies, each of them supports both SOCKS and HTTP(S) web protocols. You may change it anytime with a single click at a control panel. The choice is yours, and it depends on your activity: carrying out SEO campaigns, running web crawlers or parsers, conducting traffic arbitrage or marketing studies. You are free to find the most effective combination of software and a protocol by yourself. Or ask our support for help. 

9. Dynamic proxies 

Our system serves an increased level of anonymity and high-level protection for your Internet activity. It’s due to the rotating character of all our proxies. It is so for the best datacenter proxies, residential, and mobile. 

You may set a timer for changing an external IP address, do it manually or automatically with every new connection. The new IP will lay within the same pool of IPs you’ve used (in the same country, city, and with the same ISP if chosen so). 

10. Unique referral program

AstroProxy may work as a source of passive income. For all new members who join our proxy family by your personal link, you’ll get 10% (and more) from payments they make. They say, it’s a common practice, but the thing is that we use a revenue share system.

It means you’ll be constantly getting a percentage from all your affiliates’ spendings. Every paid order they make, tops up your balance with 10% from the sum they put on their accounts.

We wish you the best experience with our proxies, and hope they’ll be useful as much as possible!