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20 May 2022

Last updated: 1 December 2023

Astro is an ethical infrastructure for raising web data analytics level. We offer to buy residential and mobile proxies, as well as datacenter IP addresses. We operate in a strict compliance with AML and KYC principles. Apply more than two million IPs as a reliable tool for market research, copyright protection, prices comparison, SEO, ad verification and other business cases. And here are TOP 10 Astro features.

TOP 10 Astro features

The reasons to buy residential, mobile or datacenter IPs are:

  1. Reasonable prices
  2. Flexible rates
  3. Maximum customization
  4. User-friendly and simple interface
  5. Instant access
  6. VPN-compatible proxies
  7. Fast problem solving
  8. HTTP and SOCKS5 compatibility
  9. Dynamic proxies 
  10. Unique referral program.

1. Reasonable prices

Our pricing plans start from $1.03 for residential IPs. Affordable costs do not affect the connection speed or 99.9% uptime. We adhere to principles of geo targeted proxies’ availability to all business spheres. Keeping prices low gives opportunities for startups and novice companies. They collect crucial online data and make well-informed decisions.

2. Flexible rates

Users pay for the traffic they need only, that is why the size of available traffic packages varies from 100 MB to 300 GB. The discount goes up with the amount of ordered traffic, so there is a possibility to spare the budget.

Astro pricing policy is transparent. Check a pop-up window at the bottom of the order page. All components comprising a total fare are shown there. The trusted proxy website adjusts the price depending on the features you’ve chosen automatically.

Choose the “Pay as you go” rate for testing new geolocations or for the tasks requiring little traffic. You’ll pay only for the MBs spent. Meanwhile, ordering a defined traffic package could be more profitable in most cases. The price on every MB is lower, and you do not lose unused traffic. By default, an order is valid for a month. After manual or automatic renewal, the pricing plan reschedules for the next month with all settings remaining the same. No additional fees, no restrictions on the number of prolongations.

3. Maximum customization

Buy residential IP addresses, mobile and datacenter IPs separately or at once. There are numerous configurations of settings. They are compatible with each other and can be changed even during operation:

  • Combine various proxy types, geolocations, and amounts of traffic.
  • Set rotation rules for changing external IP addresses in the web dashboard or through API methods.
  • Choose geolocations in more than a hundred countries with targeting at city, ISP, ASN or mobile carrier-level.
  • Integrate Astro ethical geo targeted proxies into third-party software. Web crawlers, browser automation frameworks, traffic bots, SEO tools, etc. — our solutions are compatible with it.

Customize our infrastructure to any business needs.

4. User-friendly and simple interface

We gathered all settings on a single web page to create an intuitive dashboard. To get access simply sign in with your personal account. There, you can monitor statistics of every IP, traffic consumption, and account balance. No need to leave the page, or install additional software. Astro trusted proxy website spares your time for performing business tasks.

5. Instant access

You get your proxy immediately. Choose proper settings, click the “Save” button, and start exploiting geo targeted proxies. This implies a full-ranged access to all servers with matching parameters of type and IP pool identity.

6. VPN-compatible proxies

Our proxies have a default option to establish a secure connection on portable and desktop devices. VPN-based links require no additional software or complicated settings.

Choose the OS from a drop-down list in the “Device Profile (Tunnel mode)” box. Enable TLS for an additional cybersecurity layer. All traffic on the chosen device will be processed through a virtual private network. We offer presets for: 

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Mikrotik
  • Android-based devices (smartphones, tablets, TVs etc.).

An encrypted connection is based on one of the most secured and popular protocols, OpenVPN.

7. Fast problem solving

The Astro support team is presented by experienced proxy experts. Feel free to contact us for a free proxy trial, get assistance in establishing connection or checking it. Engaged in development and system updating, our go-to specialists offer optimal solutions. Support and feedback are available via email, Facebook, and Telegram.

Specify your software and objectives to get advice on preferable settings. Support service will recommend what pricing plan to choose, and what IPs to buy — residential, mobile or datacenter — according to individual needs. 

8. HTTP and SOCKS5 compatibility

Work with the ethical Astro infrastructure starts from ordering a port. Through the port, users connect to a pool of proxies. Each address supports two web protocols — SOCKS5 and HTTP(S). You can change it anytime. Copy the address in the dashboard and use it in settings of browser, automated scraper or other software. The choice depends on the purpose. Carrying out SEO campaigns, running automated algorithms, testing apps or sites, conducting internet studies are among popular use cases of our trusted proxy website. Find the most effective combination of software and SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) on your own. Or contact tech support for assistance.

9. Dynamic proxies 

The Astro ethical platform plays an intermediary role for web business, and collecting information from the internet goes seamlessly due to IP rotation. No matter what you buy, residential and mobile proxies or datacenter ones, they support changing external addresses. There are different methods:

  • Initiate the IP update pressing the “Change IP” button in the control panel.
  • Set timers for a separate port or a group, so they get a new IP in a fixed period.
  • Program a rotation to happen with every new request. 

The new address will have the same characteristics of IP type, geolocation, and ISP. Use a web dashboard or integrate the API key into external software and benefit from dynamic proxies’ advantages. 

10. Unique referral program

Astro can become a source of additional passive income. Invite new users to sign up on the official site by your personal link. They become your referral partners, and you will get a bonus equal to 10% from all their payments for geo targeted proxies. The more referrals you have, the larger the percent from their payments, from 10% to 15%. In our referral program, we apply a lifetime “revenue share” model. This means that every time your referral partners buy IP ports, we top up your account with a proper sum.

Benefits of our infrastructure allow users to implement enterprise-scaled data gathering by buying residential and mobile proxies. Get a free proxy trial to ascertain the 100% Astro compatibility and sustainability.


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