Sales Intelligence on the Black Friday eve

20 November 2022

Black Friday is a special day, as is Cyber Monday. It is the best time of the year when e-commerce is on top due to the craze of shopping made before Christmas. And while everyone is looking for good deals, business owners strive to provide security measures to keep their online data safe to have as many beneficial deals as possible. Here's when they look where to buy residential and mobile proxies. 

Astro provides a reliable proxy-based infrastructure for gathering data and running proper analytics to be prepared for the main e-commerce event of the year. Get proper mobile proxies for Instagram, Shopify, and other channels and marketplaces.

Why is Black Friday so important for businesses?

Online sellers are waiting for BFCM for good reason. BFCM stands for Black Friday + Cyber Monday, the days when two of the three people make purchases, according to the study performed by Justuno Company last year. Some other statistical facts are:

  • Shopify reported a 17% increase in online store sales.
  • Analytics from Data Axle and Adobe detected increased open rate (12%), conversion rate (8.8%), and the growth of marketing metrics.
  • Online shopping prevails with the vast majority of smartphone users (69%) among the grown-up audience.
  • The most popular categories of goods by Statista include electronics (US, EU), shoes and clothing (Eastern Europe).

The statistics mentioned above demonstrate the possibilities to increase e-commerce revenue significantly on November 25-28. Taking such opportunities requires some preparations, such as:

  1. Got updated information on the competitors’ range and prices
  2. Determine the most lucrative online channels to promote business (the Meta products, TikTok, Pinterest, and others enterprise web pages or social media
  3. Raise conversion rate on online platforms.

The individuals and companies interested in performance improvements buy residential IPs and cheap datacenter proxies. They are crucial to obtain and process data safely and effectively within the Sales Intelligence approach using mobile proxies for Instagram, etc.

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales Intelligence is defined as a complex of methods to examine selling processes and apply gathered knowledge for deeper understanding of customer behavior and adjusting sales strategy to it.

The first step is defining the goals and ways of the Sales intelligence approach. Among them we can list the following actions:

  • Understanding who your prospects are
  • Defining subjects and products your target audience is interested in
  • Determining the most promising ways to deliver the information about your goods and services
  • Designing advertisement campaigns 
  • Controlling the ad campaign process and analyzing the result.

Sales Intelligence and proxies

The necessity of collecting information for organizing successful Black Friday sale leads to two methods, which are commonly used within sales intelligence. There are:

  1. Prices monitoring
  2. Products range tracking

Both of them signify harvesting scaled data from rival sites and framing it for further exploration. These processes are inconceivable without buying residential and mobile proxies or getting cheap datacenter proxies.

The data extraction asks for a sophisticated platform, which Astro is. Our rotating proxies are available for a free trial without limits on features or IP geo locations. We recommend avoiding sites with free-of-charge proxies as they are far from trustworthy.

Major characteristics of proxies for Sales Intelligence 

The success of the tracking prices and product catalogs ahead of Black Friday depends on the specifics of residential IPs the one buys. The checklist of necessary proxy features should include:

  1. Dynamic IPs. Competitor web pages register addresses gaining access to them and can create obstacles through the process or provide spoofed unreliable information. Rotating proxies with free trial is a pledge of accurate data collecting. 
  2. Scalability. The larger and more diversified are the IP geo location and the amount of residential and mobile proxies available for buying in the target area, the higher are the chances for steady data gathering, processing and comparing prices.
  3. Proxy speed. Pricing lists constitute a large amount of constantly changing numbers and descriptions. Sellers need to be fast to keep up with changes and to tweak their selling strategies to the adjustments made by rivals. This in return demands for fast proxy servers. Datacenter proxies are cheaper and faster than residential or mobile ones, but can have a lack of needed confidence level.
  4. Reliability. E-commerce platforms provide information to prospects, but strive to protect their commercial secrets from rivals. Collecting info through reliable addresses perceived as private domestic IPs will help to maintain the Sales intelligence easier. Mobile proxies are more appropriate for Instagram or Shopify, while the decision to buy residential IP seems reasonable for searching information on sneakers, for example.

The last BFCM attracted to US stores almost 190 millions of customers with total online retailers income of $8.9 billion, according to National Retail Federation and Adobe Analytics. The e-commerce scale in 2022 seems to overwhelm these numbers, so the enterprises conduct market research in advance.

The crucial tool for price monitoring and goods/services range tracking is a reliable trustworthy platform capable of dealing with web data at scale. Astro provides cheap datacenter proxies and offers to buy residential and mobile proxies. The choice is up to customers according to their needs. We suggest taking a free trial of rotating proxies to test your software and search, process and evaluate the data properly to spend a successful Black Friday.


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