M-commerce and mobile proxies

31 May 2023

Electronic commerce is an important part of the global trade covering 21% of the whole retail segment. And these numbers are constantly growing. It raises the importance of customer moods monitoring through data harvesting online reviews performed via Astro geo targeted proxies. As calculated by Statista, 7 out of 10 internet users on the planet prefer shopping via mobile devices.

Total amount of portable gadgets has already exceeded 6.5 billion globally, and is expected to reach 7 billion by next year. Trusted proxy websites have already adjusted service range. We are able to provide a mobile network proxy to every enterprise or individual customer willing to improve the quality of acquiring hard-to-reach business insight.

Enterprises, meanwhile, shift focus on drawing prospects through mobile apps and developing mobile e-commerce, also known as m-commerce.

What is m-commerce as an object of trusted proxy websites?

The term m-commerce was introduced in 1997. It can be determined as an approach to accessing commercial platforms from handheld devices. Special applications assist in moving e-commerce experience away from desktops. Enterprises buy 4G proxies to enhance reliability of requests sent to target servers in the same way as residential IPs are applied.

Mobile commerce has some benefits over traditional forms of electronic trade. These advantages are:

  1. Raised length of online sessions. Portable devices are optimized to go online leveraging both 3G/4G/LTE frequencies and Wi-Fi. It expands the range of communication and marketing practices. 
  2. Constant location tracking, if the customer allows this by privacy settings, cookies and characteristics of dedicated mobile network proxy, if available.
  3. Improved security with two-factor and biometric authentication, QR-codes, etc.
  4. Additional clarification of target audience characteristics.

Where are m-commerce principles applied?

Electronic commerce replaces classic brick-and-mortar shops with online marketplaces or enriches physically existing showrooms with virtual shop windows. M-commerce moves these possibilities on handheld smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other iOS and Android-based gadgets. Into apps, individuals can implement IP addresses obtained from any well-known trusted proxy website, such as Astro, and enterprises require middleman solutions for development needs. Mobile tools’ usage areas include:

  • Goods and services trade, e.g. specific brand-owned apps
  • Banking software to control current account, trade stocks, perform peer-to-peer transactions, including cryptocurrency operations
  • Applications for marketplaces as unified aggregating platforms and retail agents, e.g. Amazon, eBay, WeChat, TaoBao, etc.
  • Virtual wallets, dedicated by platform, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, or developed by web resources (AliPay).

M-commerce and mobile proxies

What roles do geo targeted proxies play in m-commerce?

Every mobile network proxy possesses IP addresses from real end-user devices. They are registered in a range dedicated to a certain carrier. Due to the specifics of the cellular network architecture, addresses are dynamic. They can be rotated on demand by pressing a button from the single-page Astro control panel or via API with the GET method. You can check for a detailed guide in the F.A.Q. section or contact Client support for advice.

The achievement of enterprise objectives requires that company scientists or invited teams buy 4G proxies. Their leverage is aimed at:

  1. Harvesting info about market and competitors
  2. Keeping safe valuable content and standing against cyber attacks
  3. Defending payments’ private details
  4. Optimizing performance
  5. Testing UI/UX before release
  6. New markets and target audiences coverage
  7. SEO metrics acquisition
  8. Maintaining automated algorithms, for example AI-driven management and chat tools.

Monitoring rival experience, marketing strategies or cost policies evaluation is followed by sending an increased number of concurrent requests to target web sources. Geo targeted proxies are crucial for these aims, as they seem reliable to target pages and apps. Researchers get a reliable current insight from selected locations facing no limits or restrictions. 

Astro is a trusted proxy website that significantly enhances the effectiveness of mobile commerce and assists businesses to succeed in a fast-paced economics. We provide geo targeted proxies for obtaining key indicators on third-party programs with detailed metrics of consumed traffic. Contact our Client support to get free access to the whole range of international IP pools, learn more about reasonable pricing plans, and buy 4G proxies easily.

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