5 main Christmas e-commerce trends

16 December 2022

A reliable data gathering infrastructure is always valuable, but its importance grows incommensurably during the holiday season. Sales are growing by a third in November and December, according to Statista analytics. Astro serves mobile proxies for Instagram and other social media as an enterprise gathering infrastructure before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Our platform is a marketing and analytical tool for those who buy dedicated proxies to follow five most promising e-commerce trends in 2023.

Why is developing sales online so important in 2023?

Most people on Earth use the Internet somehow, almost 5 billion from 8 billion have access to the Web. The current state of technologies, including proxies for social networks, and safety demands during the last two years show clearly that e-commerce is the main approach to make business. 

Besides, the US customers set a new record on 2022 Black Friday spending in the web stores $9.12 billion. It is a new record, Adobe Analytics reports. These November and December online stores and marketplaces will bring their owners more than $200 billion in the US only. So it’s better to buy residential and mobile proxies, perform a market analysis, run an ad campaign and get a slice of this pie. But to succeed one should be aware of the last tendencies on the web market.

What are the most important e-commerce Christmas trends to keep an eye on?

1. M-commerce development

The distinctive feature of online sales is the rising popularity of mobile gadgets. The share of mobile phone users in the most populated countries varies from 30% to 80%, according to BankMyCell service. The section of e-commerce targeted to smartphone and tablet users is called m-commerce. Here is the list of its main characteristics:

  • Precise user location known due to GPS/WI-Fi towers and browser/app data. The business increases the accuracy of goods and services demands, one needs to buy residential IP to customize the offer.
  • High security measures based on two-factor and biometric authentication raise the trust in mobile sites and apps. Geo targeted proxies raise the stability of e-commerce platforms.
  • Developing a high performance mobile-friendly page could be a real challenge. To test compatibility with iOS and Android gadgets QA-testers and developers used to buy dedicated proxies, both mobile and residential.

2. Discerning customers

Competition steadily grows despite the increasing number of web users. The recession of world economics in 2023 will force actual customers and prospects to spare money. Or to spend them reasonably and ahead of the Christmas and New Year celebration. Enterprises are going to buy residential and mobile proxies from Astro and other data processing infrastructure platforms to offer balanced and responsive UX/UI before Boxing day.

On the other hand, it means the necessity to:

  • learn target audiences better using mobile proxies for Instagram, etc
  • formulate a particular unique selling proposition (USP)
  • present the product in the best light to get a piece of pie.

3. New promotion platforms

Consumers are deep into mobile shopping applications. 55% of them got a new app before last holiday season (data provided by Digital Turbine), and this trend is still alive. 

Entertainment platforms became reliable ways of advertising and selling. Tik Tok with its 85 million downloads shaped a $50 billion market, claims Shopify. Today it is crucial to buy residential and mobile proxies not only for SMM, but to develop AI-based online-shopping strategies. Neural networks can predict customer behavior, control availability in stock or conduct dialogues as chatbots.

4. Applying additional payment options

Customers will and can pay, so let them do it their way. Integrate purchasing menu into app or page and offer as many payment options as possible. Among them should be:

  • Traditional bank cards: Visa and Mastercard.
  • Digital wallets: PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, Xoom.
  • Alternative payment methods (APM) from marketplaces or social media: WeChat Pay, Alipay.
  • QR codes: applicable mostly to brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Cryptocurrency, if popular in the chosen market area. E.g. you can buy residential IP via cryptocurrency.

5. Omnichannel trade

The last trend is a complex interrelated system the brand combines with all the channels transferring the experience from your brand. The concept includes:

  • Main site and application
  • E-mails to involve, inform, ask for a feedback
  • Advertisements. online and offline
  • Social media experience
  • Online client support and calls from managers, etc.

Every element should involve prospects and turn them into loyal customers, willing to share positive feedback. The last leads to user-generated content (UGC), an important component of modern e-commerce trends.

Astro is a trusted partner providing residential and mobile proxies for Instagram and other social media. You can buy dedicated datacenter proxies for gaining and processing data during market studies. Another option is to buy residential IP to perform SMM and run advertisement campaigns successfully before the Christmas and the New Year celebrations.


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